Parameterisation Properties,Batch Runner


Good AfterNoon All,

Welcome to 5th session of QTP

Topics to be covered
– Parameterisation Properties
– Batch Runner
Batch – pool of jobs
– Login
– Flight Reservation
– Exit

Reusable Action – Action is a part of script
Reusable Script – can have multiple reusable actions/actions

File Extension
Output Value
Capture value during test execution
Values can later be used as input at a different point in the run session
can be input for another test
Stored in run time data table,Located in QTP result window
Types of Output Value
^Standard – common objetcs
^Text – City name,name,session id
^Text Area – address

Syntax –  wait(time in seconds)
– Recording modes in QTP
– context sensitive recording(default recording)
– Analog Recording

Order – Name jhjuki
order no 13

OV – 13
open 13(OV_OrderNO)
updated jhjuki – Deepa1

Flight booking

1. Booking  – Booking id

3. Updating Ittineary – Booking ID

sowjanya (to Organizer(s) Only):
can u show me how do we do the parameterization with list boxes..

Gmail Accounyt Signup – Creating a new account
Lakshmi11 – Error

If you used the data once and you are not able to use it in future – dirty data

Suppose You  need toi book flight —- unique booking id

– Checkpoint
– Transaction
– Regular Expression
– Output Value
– Parameterisation
– Reusable Action

.mtb Batch File
.txt,.ini,.xml Environment Variable Files
.xls Input Data/Datatable
.qrs  Recovery scenario Files
.vbs Library Files
.tsr shared object repository
.mtr  local object repository
.vbs file extesion for library file
.txt also use for extent text file.
.mts for script file
.mtr for peraction repository
.tsr for Shared repository
.mtb for batch test
.mst for Action file