What We Do

We envision excellence in Software Training in core technologies with real time case studies and create synchronized scenarios for the participants to gain insights into facing challenges and resolving them successfully. This has been at the heart of training methodology of H2K Infosys.

H2K Infosys is adaptable, resourceful, versatile, flexible and always prepared to walk that extra mile accommodate the participants schedule and re-structure and offer training at their location provided ‘course a group of students are available.

We offer best, latest and state of the art Cloud Technology to provide ‘Test Lab Environment’ to our students to practice on different software tools to gain real time experience. We also provide recorded sessions of previous classes on each topic enabling students to recap the lessons learned.

The major advantageous factors of our online training are:

Convenience: In the sense that you can learn the advanced software courses, you can learn on your schedule by continuing your full time job.

Control: You can control the learning process, meaning you can learn at your own pace, giving you the freedom to absorb the lessons and manage your time efficiently.

Connection: You can stay connected with your instructors and interact with them regularly to exchange, engage and share course material and other information.

Cost: Our online courses are far less expensive than the others courses. Besides you also save a lot of money on travel, books and even food.

Commitment: We are committed to impart quality, cost effective and the best online courses on advanced technologies.