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Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the user friendly and easy tool in the selenium suite. It creates tests very quickly through its record and playback functionality and also an add-on of Firefox. Its feature is similar to QTP. It is used as a prototyping tool it cannot be used as for developing and maintaining the complex tests. To use Selenium IDE we should have a prior knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, DOM (Document Object Model).

Selenium IDE supports autocomplete mode when creating tests. This feature serves two purposes.

  1. It helps any tester to enter the commands
  2. It does not the user to enter the invalid commands.

Features of Selenium IDE:

  1. The Selenium IDE supports both chrome and Firefox
  2. It has good and improved locator functionality.
  3. Parallel execution of tests using selenium command line runner.
  4.  It provides provision for control flow statements.
  5. It has feature of automatically waits for page loading.
  6. The new version supports code exports.

How to install selenium Ide in chrome:

  1. First open Google search page then search selenium ide for chrome.
  1. Click on first option
  2. Then an extension of Selenium IDE is opened with an option add to chrome.
  1. When you click the button it shows screen saying Selenium IDE has been added to your chrome.
  1. This icon shows that the selenium has added to the chrome.
  2. Same procedure can be followed with the Firefox browser to install selenium ide.
  3. When you click on the icon it open a window.

How to write the simple test case in Selenium Ide

  1. Open the selenium Ide window.
  2. Click on the option record a new project.
  3. Provide the name of the project.
  1. It asks for the base URL. Provide the URL a demo source as orangeHRM and click start recording.
  1. The project starts recording and it provides many features. When the login page of the website is opened. We can see the recording option on the screen as well in the selenium ide. Whatever the operations is performed on the website screen will be recorded in the selenium ide. 
  2. One of the important feature is when we right click on the website it provides an option as selenium ide when you right click on the selenium ide it provides certain options like verify, mouse over etc. When you click any option simultaneously it does in the IDE.
  1. Click on Login page and enter the dashboard then logout.All those operations are recorded in the IDE.
  2. If we need any details of the elements recorded can be provided in the IDE and verified as well.
  1. When you click on command type we can see all details are given in the ide and one important feature of selenium is when we click on the option target. We get many locators. If in case one locator does not work we can have multiple options.

Usually people who work with selenium would know that this is a nightmare sometimes locators break if we are using multiple browsers then the locators work on one browser and does not work on another.

  1. When you click on the reference option it provides all the details of a particular command clicked.
  2. We can save the project create new project and delete project by the options provided on the right corner of the window.
  3.  We have to stop recording and then run the project by clicking the run button.
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