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Learn Data Science using Python, a comprehensive program from H2K Infosys to make Data Science as your career.

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About Data Science using Python Training Course

  • Until recently, 2003 to be specific, people have not realized the importance of data. The social media sites, retail stores, healthcare facilities, banks, e-commerce companies, you name it; almost all the businesses used to discard data due to various reasons. One, storing such a humungous amount of data using traditional storage was impossible, next, processing such data was unthinkable.

    Eventually, Big Data term was coined referring to the colossal quantity of data and Hadoop's HDFS came into picture resolving all the storage issues using its unconventional (distributed) storage practice. With the evolution of Big Data Hadoop, Data Science flourished and today it stands to be the future of all businesses. Data Science is crucial for companies and consumers alike.

  • What makes Data Science using Python an alluring combination is a fact that Python programming language is popular for its easy to learn syntax as compared to other data science languages like R. By 2018, it was studied that 66% of the data scientists started using Python for performing analytics.

    Python programming language is more like a boon in disguise where data science is concerned. Not just easy to learn, Python being freely available as it is open source, is like an icing on the cake. No wonder, using Python for Data Science is a deadly combination.

    At H2K Infosys, we offer a Data Science course using Python language to tap the growing demand for Data Scientists in the market. Our comprehensive Data Science course is to gain preliminary insight into the technology. We have included all the basic relevant technologies to help our learners emerge out as a frontrunner in the niche.

  • The application of Data Science is becoming increasingly common day by day. Data Science and Machine Learning concepts are applied for performing

    • Predictive Analytics - To build models using data science to predict the future. For instance, based on the customer credit payment history, the model predicts whether he is eligible for a loan or will turn out to be a defaulter in the future. 

    • Prescriptive Analytics - This is more of feeding data to a model to help it make its own decisions. For example, the driving statistics of various vehicles are fed into self-driven cars to enable them to self-propel without the help of a driver.

    • Pattern Discovery - Based on the available data, discover inherent patterns. using the clustering technique in ML.

    No matter how much the demand for qualified Data Scientists is, a study by MIT Sloan Management Review shows that 43% of the companies complain about the lack of proper analytical skills.

    With almost every domain including finance, insurance, retail, healthcare, social media, e-commerce industry, and so on, hugely dependent on Data Science, a career in Data Science is here to stay. With the ever-growing data, the demand for data scientists is likely to increase explosively.

    Enroll for Data Science online course from H2k Infosys to master the technology. Request for a free demo session to make an informed decision on the best online data science course.

  • Data Science is believed to be the hottest profession in the job market recording a pivotal 28% annual growth.

    It is estimated that around 3 million Data Science jobs will be created in the market by 2020.

    According to an IDC study, companies will be investing around $ 52 billion on Data Science by the year 2021.

    If the above numbers impress you, don't take too long to jump on the bandwagon.

    Data Science experts are in demand almost in all sectors of the job market. Though Data Scientists are usually highly educated professionals with either master's or Ph.D. degrees, there are other careers in Data Science you can resort to such as

    • Business Intelligence Developer

    • Data Architect

    • Data Analyst

    • Data Engineer

    • Statistician

    • ML Engineer

    If you are a beginner looking for a career in Data Science or a software professional who wants to make a mid-career shift or a non-IT professional hoping to move to IT, pre-requisites are barely much.

    All you need to need is the passion for numbers and an undergrad degree. Basic programming skills are a bonus.

  • Since our inception in 2005, H2K Infosys has been relentlessly delivering training to thousands of candidates in popular to latest to emerging technologies alike. With the growing popularity of Data Science when paired with Python, we have forayed into offering this course for our learners' benefit.

    • All the Data Science training batches are handled by experienced trainers who also happen to be industry experts with hands-on implementation knowledge.

    • Our Data Science courses are live-classroom sessions, led by instructors which can be streamed from the luxury of your home.

    • Lifetime access to all the recorded videos of entire Data Science training.

    • Cloud test lab access for practice.

    • We conduct mock interviews to help our learners build confidence which subsequently enables them to crack the interviews comfortably.

    • All our online training courses are 100% job oriented.

    • Our in-house experts create your resume after the Data Science course completion.

    • Our HR team takes over soon after the course completion to assist in job placement.

    With the optimal designing and delivery of Data Science certification online course at H2K Infosys, all our learners emerge out with good command over the technologies which include Statistics Fundamentals, Machine Learning, Python Programming, Data Visualization tool - Tableau, etc. Additionally, working on projects during training helps them gain hands-on practice.

    By the end of the course, we are confident that all our learners have an edge over their peers from other institutes. Eventually, this helps them bag their preferred roles and climb up the success ladder seamlessly.

Data Science using Python Training Course Syllabus

  • In this module, participants will be introduced to Descriptive and Inferential statistics concepts and implementation using real-world data will also be covered. It will end with a case study implementation of EDA.

    • Statistics Fundamentals and Implementation
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
      -Numpy Library
      -Pandas Library
      -Matplotlib and Seaborn Library
  • Machine Learning algorithms are the backbone of Predictive Modelling. This is where the Crux of Data Science lies. The end objective of solving a data science problem is finding the patterns in the data and represent that in the form of a Data model. The algorithms taught in our course cover almost all of the problems data scientists solve on a regular basis.

    • Introduction to Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
    • Linear Regression with Multiple Variables
    • Logistic Regression
    • Decision Trees [CART]
    • k-Fold Cross Validation
    • Bagging and Bootstrapping
    • Random Forest
    • Gradient Boosting (XGBoost)
    • Principal component Analysis
    • K-means clustering
    • Hierarchical Clustering
    • Market Basket Analysis
    • KNN
    • Support Vector Machine
    • Naive Bayes
    • Time Series Analysis
  • Tableau is one of the most popular Data Visualization tools used by Data Science and Business Intelligence professionals. In fact, it has been the market leader in reporting tools for almost 10 years (Source: Gartner magic quadrant). Once the predictive analysis of data is done, data scientists generally use Tableau to send out the reports to business which can then take decisions accordingly.


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I recently completed the Data Science course from H2K Infosys and it has been an amazing experience. Ms. Samadrita is an extremely talented trainer who delivered world-class training. She is very friendly and cleared all queries and doubts with great patience. The learning ambiance is very nice as well. Kudos to the H2K Infosys team. Read more

Being from a non-technical background, I was skeptical about seeking Data Science Training. After a lot of deliberation, I have taken training in Python and data science from H2K Infosys. And it paid off! Python training helped me build a strong coding foundation for learning advanced topics like machine learning. Now I'm more confident in programming than before. I will highly recommend H2K Infosys. Read more

The best part of H2K Infosys is they offer Python, Tableau, and Machine Learning all under the same course. The course structure and the reviews made me join the Data Science Classes at H2K Infosys. These are the skills every aspirant who hopes to venture into Data Science needs today, to be prepared for the future! Amazing place to learn Data Science. Read more

I joined H2K Infosys to learn Data Science. The best part about this training program is working on small exercises that Ms. Samadrita asks the learners to solve during the course. I would like to recommend H2K Infosys for an authentic data science program. Read more

The course structure of this Data Science Certification course is that they cover almost all the latest technologies including the brush up of statistical techniques, Python, ML, and Tableau. I especially liked the hands-on experience that I got in the lab after each lecture from Ms. Samadrita. Thank you, H2K Infosys. Read more

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Python data science training from H2K Infosys has helped me a lot towards fulfilling my dream of becoming a Data Scientist. Their advanced training curriculum & hands-on practical-based training has helped me to build a good knowledge of the concepts. The learning experience, Ms. Samadrita’s attitude towards training is quite amazing. Read more

Great place for learning Python for data analysis and visualization! The guidance, use-cases, and assignments given by Mr.Rao are great during the sessions. The best part about the training is the real-time scenarios she cites during the training which gives you the hands-on feel. It essentially helps you learn the concepts quickly. Thank you, Ms. Samadrita. Read more

Ms. Samadrita, my trainer for Data Science at H2K Infosys is amazing with her professional approach. Her expertise in training shows in all her sessions. She is an easily accessible trainer who is very competent at clearing doubts and queries. Thank you, Ms. Samadrita and H2K Infosys. Read more

H2K Infosys is a good place to learn Data Science with Python. Ms. Samadrita is not only a good trainer but also an industry expert who provided us with real-time assignments. They gave me hands-on practice on all the concepts and helped me master them. The job-oriented training was definitely worth attending! Read more

H2K Infosys is a very good place to kick-start your career in data science. Ms. Samadrita has vast knowledge and experience in the data science field. Their job-oriented training also helped me crack the interviews easily. Read more

H2K Infosys is the best online IT training provider I have come across thus far. I checked with other IT training centers and invested a huge amount of time and effort to identify the ideal one for me. H2K Infosys is the best in all respects in terms of trainers, curriculum, and competitive fees. Now that I have just completed the course, I am still happy about my decision. Thank you Ms. Samadrita for wonderful, educative sessions! Read more

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