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Online and Onsite IT Training FAQ’s

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Q. Are your classes conducted online and onsite?

A. Our classes are held both online and onsite. You can attend these classes from any location where there is internet access. You have the option to attend the classes online or onsite. However online is the preferred choice due to the convenience it provides. The classes are Instructor-led, Live Online where you will have face to face interaction with your Instructor.

Q. What are the pre-requisites to attend the online classes?

A. You will need a computer, a good stable internet connection, a microphone and head set or a phone. A webcam is optional but good to have.

Q. Once I enroll, how do I attend the online classes?

A. You will be sent a scheduled weblink for every session via email.

Q. Where can I find information on all the courses that are offered?

A. Please follow the below link to get a preview of our courses

Q. How do you conduct the online classes?

A. We conduct the online classes through online meeting software. Please feel free to attend a demo in order to get a real feel of one of our online classes

Q. Can I repeat the classes

A. Yes, you can repeat these classes as many times as you wish.

Q. What is the cost of each of these courses?

A. The course fee depends on the course you want to enroll for. Please send us your contact info by visiting our website and we will provide you with more details.

Q. Where can I find the content of each course?

A. In order to view the contents of each course visit us at http://www.h2kinfosys.com then go to course list page, then click on the course that you are interested in.

Q. Can I take a FREE CLASS before I join the course?

A. Please send an email to training@h2kinfosys.com and we will email you the web link to attend a free live demo class.

Q. How do I enroll for the online training if I am interested?

A. You can do this by requesting us for a payment link or visit our home page to pay the fee directly.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. You can use secured Google Checkout to pay by credit card. (OR) write us a check payable to H2K Infosys, LLC

Q. What is the duration of each of these courses?

A. See the course content for each course on the course content page of our web site www.h2kinfosys.com

Q. How will the course material be provided? Will it be a hard copy or a soft copy?

A.Everyday class notes & Material will be sent through emails. Live Green. Save Trees.

Q. Will I get individual attention during an online course?

A. Yes! you can ask questions in the class. Every person gets a chance to ask questions, talk to other participants in the class. Our classes are Instructor-led live face to face online classes.

Q. Do you provide Software links for practicing?

A. Yes, we do provide software links for practice.

Q. Can I get installation help?

A. Yes, we will help you to install the software on your computer.

Q. Do you offer projects as assignments?

A. Yes, all the assignments are like mini projects. Assignments are key to understanding the course. That shows us how well you are doing the course

Q. Who and when should I contact regarding resume making and mock interview sessions?

A. At the end of the course we will assist you with preparing a professional resume. We recommend students attend the mock interview sessions from the day you join the course. Once you are ready with your resume we can review it in our mock interview sessions and make sure you are able to face an interview confidently. In the mock interview sessions you can share your knowledge with other students who have already completed the course and other students share their knowledge and experience with the newcomers in the mock interview.

Q. Can I get any references before I join the course?

A. Please check the student’s testimony to see the student’s comments. Also when you attend our demo class, we conduct mock interviews with existing student from whom you can get real references from our real students in our mock interview sessions. Still have questions, email to training@h2kinfosys.com

Q. Do you provide placement assistance?

A. Our training is 100% job oriented training. We are constantly posting current job openings in our Google Groups where you can directly submit your resume to the Clients/ Vendors. Also our students are very well prepared and confident while facing an interview. This is because our Mock Interview sessions are very intense and motivating. Also motivated and sincere individuals are welcome to be a part of the H2k Infosys team.

Take advantage of the key features of the training provided by H2K Infosys and get the job.

Q. Are the faculties experienced?

A. All our faculties are working professionals. Please attend our demo classes to find out more.

Q. Do you provide Course Completion Certificate?

A. Yes, we can provide course completion certificate.

Q. Do you provide any discount if we take multiple courses on different technologies?

A. Yes, we do provide reasonable discounts if you enroll for multiple courses and refer your friends, relatives and family members.

Q. If I am unable to install the software on my system how do I practice?

A. Not to worry about that. We will provide you with remote access

Q. What is your contact information?

A. You can email us at training@h2kinfosys.com
Phone: 770-777-1269 (US)

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