How to create index for MongoDB Collection using Python?

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      “Let’s begin with the create_index() method:

      Importing PyMongo Module: Import the PyMongo module using the command:
      from pymongo import MongoClient

      Creating a Connection: Now we had already imported the module, its time to establish a connection to the MongoDB server, presumably which is running on localhost (host name) at port 27017 (port number).
      client = MongoClient(‘localhost’, 27017)

      Accessing the Database: Since the connection to the MongoDB server is established. We can now create or use the existing database.
      mydatabase = client.name_of_the_database

      Accessing the Collection: We now select the collection from the database using the following syntax:
      collection_name = mydatabase.name_of_collection

      Creating a index: Now we will create the index using create_index() function.

      create_index(keys, session=None, **kwargs)”


Viewing 0 reply threads
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