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        Software quality assurance (SQA) is a process used to ensure that developed software meets and complies with defined or standardized quality specifications.

        1. Use the Wikipedia article on software quality assurance as a starting point. Many professionals Create a Wikipedia Page which article provides a general overview of the topic, including definitions and examples.

        2. Read other articles related to software quality assurance, such as software testing, software metrics, and software engineering. These articles provide more in-depth information on the different aspects of SQA.

        3. Research and read about specific SQA processes, such as Inspections, Reviews, and Walkthroughs. These processes are specific to SQA and are used to identify and prevent errors in the software.

        4. Read about the various industry standards and best practices for SQA, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These standards provide guidelines for implementing SQA processes.

        5. Research SQA tools and techniques, such as configuration management and automated testing. These tools and techniques can be used to ensure the quality of the software being developed.

        6. Read about the different SQA models, such as the V-model and the waterfall model. These models are used to document the different stages of SQA


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