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    • mishrashrutii412

      Salesforce automation refers to the software or apps used to handle sales. It improves the sales process and automates workflow, making it simple to manage business leads, projections, and team performance.

      The basic goal of sales force automation software is to have accurate data and provide it to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time. Many salespeople, as well as their managers and supervisors, have their administrative chores reduced, allowing them to focus more on selling the product rather than on administrative tasks.

      Sales supervisors and managers utilize sales force automation software to keep a tight eye on individual salespeople and their productivity. This data is used to create a suitable marketing plan, as well as a sales prediction and planning.

      To put it another way, sales force automation aids in opportunity management, contact management, and the application of artificial intelligence in most salesperson responsibilities, resulting in speedier transaction closure. Under the guidance of the team, you can learn Salesforce courses in Pune with real-time scripts.

      SalesForce Automation Components

      Different sales force automation systems handle different duties. Some solutions allow users to create their own bespoke inputs and outputs in order to streamline processes that must be automated.
      Salesforce training focuses on the Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Consultant, Project Manager, Salesforce Analytics, and Salesforce Architect pillar goals. Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial features of sales force automation software.

      Automate the sales process: Organizations may keep the sales process moving swiftly by automating a substantial chunk of it. For example, if no response is received from a prospect after a period of 2-3 days, an organization may set up an automated that sends a new email to them.
      When emails are viewed and an online form is completed, the contents may be automatically added to customer relationship management (CRM). The sales rep will then receive notifications that they need to contact the prospects.

      Activity tracking and alerts: Activity tracking allows sales teams to keep track of where they are with specific customers, ensuring that the next steps in the sales process are completed properly.
      If that isn’t enough, some sales force automation software may alert sales team members to the next duties they must complete automatically. Overall, SFA software enables salespeople to take the right actions at the right time to increase their chances of closing deals. Salesforce classes provide you with all of the tools you’ll need to build and maintain your Customer Relationship Management system.
      Manage the sales pipeline: To make the process easier, the sales pipeline may be set up to provide alerts to sales team members when prospects advance to the next level. Furthermore, everyone engaged is always made aware of the next steps and future course of action as soon as they are required to execute them.

      Produce up-to-date reports: Salesforce automation technologies assist managers to save time when analyzing how their teams are performing by automatically providing reports based on real-time information. When these indicators are communicated throughout the organization, higher-ups can establish plans based on realistic estimations of corporate success. Reports can be prepared based on factors such as predicted sales, revenue, and the performance of particular reps.

      Concentrate on the best leads: Increasing sales and productivity by focusing on the right leads is one of the most effective ways to do so. If a company knows what makes a good lead, it may use sales automation software to analyze leads and decide how qualified they are based on things like staff count, industry, and revenue. By defining what constitutes a good lead, sales staff may ensure that their time is spent solely on the most qualified leads.

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    • akshayvjhyd

      Unable to execute automation Test scripts wrote for Salesforce classic on Salesforce lightning using selenium web driver

      We have automation test scripts (Around 70) written using selenium web driver for Salesforce classic and able to execute without any error.

      Now we are moving into Salesforce lightning, when I am trying to execute same automation test scripts (Around 70) on lightning throws error with respect to finding elements .

      After investigating the error came to know that elements html tags are different in lightning compared to classic.

      In Salesforce classic – LastName field Xpath is — >input[@id=’name_lastlea2′]

      In Salesforce lightning – LastName field Xpath is — > //input[@id=’450:2948;a’]

      Please let me know what approach I should do now to execute all my 70 test cases without any errors in Salesforce light


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