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        This article will discuss the career path of a React developer. Read on to learn more about the necessary skills and duties.

        React has become a popular web development tool due to its simple design and open-source nature. Learn how to become a React developer in just three steps.

        Who is a React developer and what are their responsibilities?

        React developers create JavaScript-based applications for mobile and web environments.
        What’s a React developer?

        Interface design is something that React developers are a key part of. Here is a list with core responsibilities for React Developers.

        Front-end development. These gesture-driven features include long-pressing and swiping.

        Create code. React designers translate wireframes (also known as screen plans) into code. They are able to create and modify HTML tags and CSS selectors.
        Optimize your application’s functionality.
        Software testing. React developers must test all aspects of interface development. Learn More About: How do you become a Java developer


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