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Baseline Testing

The name explains the testing is done in the base of the project. The baseline document is verified that the base arranged correctly before the development and different processes start.

Baseline testing is not exactly related to functionality of a software product. It is a formal product. This is a  document that is which is a fixed point reference for future comparison.

Baseline Testing

Why Baseline testing is so important?

This baseline testing is not performed properly, it creates issues further when development starts. If this client requirement is not baselined properly, the further documents created based on the business requirement document will have the same incorrect information.

The development team will begin with inappropriate requirement, and the testing team is done incorrectly developed functionality. The user acceptance testing situation will come as the software developed is not be as par as the user’s requirements.

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The Role of Baseline testing in SDLC

In software development life cycle this very first phase is requirement gathering and analysis. This test is an important role as in case initial phase itself will not be tested properly will lead to major issues later on.It will have an impact the cost, timeline, budget, client goodwill as well.

The requirement is gathered by business analyst, he discusses the same with the project manager for the testing and requirement and the feasibility on the same. We have non-clarity in the requirement prototype will be created by the developer and also given to the client.

According to the requirement, other documents for software development and software development and testing are created like project plan, Design document, Test Plan, test cases. As it’s important to have the baseline test done documents and processes will fail.

The baseline testing is performed in all phases

Baseline Testing

The benefits of baseline testing

This baseline testing is functions to know the product’s  ability that does not get degraded or slow down the provides a change  in the application.

  1. It always helps to remove the requirement issues at the initial stage.
  2. It always helps to maintain a baseline for the performance of the products.
  3. This quality of the product increases.
  4. Configuration errors will be identified.
  5. Here is testing helps to find the blockages for different performance criteria.
  6. It assists to make sure that all the scenarios covered have no impact on the user experience.

The important things to be considered in Baseline testing

  1. This test will be comparison of the current state and the previous state. This software to be tested will be very much in the bad shape it will be challenging.

Consider an example-The third party services which will not be hit, randomness, if something creates changes in the software.

  1. Testing will be done on the browser, device, operating system, cross-browser, cross devices, functionality which has been decided initially. This tester and developer should be clear on what where and how will be tested.
  2. Tools being used will be wisely used keeping the point in mind where will serve the purpose we are expecting. Like website may be seen different fonts on different machines.
    This test will measure important characteristics and also requirements.A 

Bench mark will be about analyzing the relative performance of an application. If the application performs below the given baseline then regarded as broken. All the creation of this test that will run and all significant characteristics that are matched to solve problems. we can have the  of software having old version properties and new ones.The removing of the baseline test makesures that the main characteristic and benchmarks of the applications as working expected.

This type of testing may not be specific function as it focuses on quality characteristics of the application.


1. What is Baseline testing?

2. What are the benefits of baseline testing?

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