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Get Artificial Intelligence (AI) training course from Industry Experts from machine learning to neural networks and deep learning

What makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) so unusual?

Before we begin to understand what Artificial Intelligence is, quoted below are a few examples. Siri app on iPhones, Amazon's Alexa, the super-popular FaceApp, Netflix's movie prediction model, self-driven cars, a computer playing chess against humans are live examples we have been witnessing day in and day out.  

It is needless to say that, we have been cohabiting with AI applications with or without our knowledge.

Hence, we can conclude that enforcing the machines to think and act like humans, exhibiting human intelligence to suggest recommendations, make voice-based interactions, perform human-like functions is called Artificial Intelligence.

The technology is constantly evolving and the experts believe that almost every function can be automated using Artificial Intelligence and the technology is likely to be omnipresent soon.

More and more companies are investing in AI given its growth trend which has jumped to 64.8% in 2020 from a mere 39,7% in 2018. Almost every application of AI is being embraced with open arms and has proved to be a game-changer.

At H2K Infosys, we provide authentic Artificial Intelligence training online, led by industry experts with numerous years of hands-on experience. Our AI course training is delivered in a virtual classroom environment through live streaming. What's more, all our learners will attain life-time access to recorded videos of the Artificial Intelligence training course. 

Why should one take up Artificial Intelligence as a career path in the IT industry?

The technology gurus predict that over 2.3 million jobs will be created in 2020. Every 9 out of 10 Americans use AI in conducting their day to day activities.

This rapidly evolving technology opens doors to a multitude of job opportunities such as

  • AI Engineer
  • Data Mining  Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Machine Learning engineer
  • Research Scientist

Unfortunately, the exponentially growing demand for AI is not being met due to a lack of skilled professionals in the market. According to a popular job portal, AI jobs have seen an upward trend of over 119%.

Now, when we are talking about the AI jobs, we are not discussing some low-paying professions but with an annual median pay package of AI specialists ranging from $95k - $120k.

Tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, NVIDIA, Adobe, Lenovo, e-commerce companies like Amazon, a commercial financial service provider like Wells Fargo, startups like Argo AI are hiring AI professionals left, right, and center.

To make up for the increasing demand of AI professionals across the globe, we have ventured into offering Artificial Intelligence certification online for beginners/IT professionals/non-IT candidates/software experts who have keen interest to build their career in the same. Hence, if a career in AI excites you, enroll with us for the best AI training online at today.

Who is eligible for Artificial Intelligence training courses?

The good news is, to become an AI expert the aspirants need not have coding experience. Moreover, after the course completion, one would be able to choose their profession from among the wide range of careers in AI based on their prior experience.

However, listed below are the eligibility criteria for the top five careers in AI.

Machine Learning Engineer

Eligibility: The candidate should have worked on Java, Python, and Scala

Data Scientist

Eligibility: The aspirant should be well-versed on Big Data Hadoop tools like Hive, MapReduce, PIG, Spark apart from hands-on experience in Scala, Python, SQL, etc.

BI Developer

Eligibility: Candidates with strong problem-solving skills, good communication skills which can help them communicate with the other non-technical people in the team are required. However, considerable experience in data warehousing, data mining, SQL, and BI technologies would be an added advantage.

Research Scientist

Eligibility: These individuals should be experts in mathematical concepts, Statistics, Machine learning, and deep learning.

Big Data Engineer

Eligibility: Professionals who have demonstrated expertise in C++, Java, Python, and Scala are fit for this high paying job.

However, the Artificial Intelligence certification course is mandatory to take up any of the top career positions in AI.

What is the eligibility to enroll for the best Artificial Intelligence training online?

  • Education

Degree in quantitative fields such as Mathematics/Statistics/Physics/Economics
Undergrad degree in engineering/computer science,

  • Experience: 0-10 years
  • Good have a passion for learning various mathematical concepts and computer applications.

Why choose H2K Infosys for Artificial Intelligence course?

At H2K Infosys, we have been instrumental in delivering online training programs in a wide range of technologies. Listed below are the numerous advantages of choosing us for Artificial Intelligence certification.

  • All our AI training batches are handled by experienced trainers who also happen to be industry experts with hands-on implementation knowledge.
  • Our AI courses are live-classroom sessions, led by instructors which can be streamed from the luxury of your home.
  • Life-time access to all the recorded videos of entire Artificial Intelligence training.
  • Cloud test lab access for practice.
  • We conduct mock interviews to help our learners build confidence which subsequently enables them to crack the interviews comfortably.
  • All our online training courses are 100% job oriented.
  • Our in-house experts create your resume after the AI course completion.
  • Our HR team takes over soon after the course completion to assist in job placement.

With the right conceptualization and delivery of Artificial intelligence certification online course at H2K Infosys, all our learners emerge out with good command over the technologies which include Python Programming, Machine Learning Advanced Deep Learning, etc. Additionally, working on projects during training helps them gain hands-on practice.

By the end of the course, we are confident that all our learners have an edge over their peers from other institutes. Eventually, this helps them bag their preferred roles and climb up the success ladder seamlessly.

Artificial Intelligence Training Course Highlights:

  • Statistics Fundamentals
  • Python programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  • Advanced Deep Learning concepts
  • Test Analytics

Note: Refer to our AI course Syllabus section for detailed course specifications.


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Why H2kinfosys

Instructor-led face-to-face live training

Our classes are not recorded but rather live. You get to interact with the instructor and ask questions in real-time.

100% job oriented training

Our curriculum is designed to teach you tools and skills that are useful when you get into job positions.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to LMS where recorded class videos, quizzes are available

Course Syllabus

Huge course syllabus on latest technologies


Real-time projects to gain hands-on experience

Cloud Test Lab

Cloud Test Lab to practice on software tools and projects


Can I take a FREE DEMO CLASS before I join the course?

Please submit your contact details to attend free live demo class.

Can I repeat the classes?

Yes , H2k Infosys courses are “One Time Pay, LifeTime Access”. Student can rejoin live classes up to one year. Class videos are for life time access.

How do I enroll for the online training if I am interested?

Register / Login to ,select the course and pay OR call us on USA : +1- 770-777-1269

Do you provide course materials, vidoes, interview questions, Quiz, online test?

After enrolling, you will get access to our Learning Management System. You will have access to materials, class notes, videos, quiz, forums etc.

Do you offer live projects as assignments?

Yes, Assignments are from real live projects. Assignments are key to understand the course.

Are your classes conducted Live online OR onsite OR Video based?

The classes are Instructor-led, Live Online classes where you will have face-to-face interaction with your Instructor. Recorded class videos are provided for life time access.

Do you provide Course Completion Certificate?

Yes. At the end of the course, student will receive course completion certificate.

Do you provide any discount if we take multiple courses on different technologies?

Yes. You can also refer your friends to get discount and referral bonus.

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