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H2KInfosys is conducting Mobile apps testing training for iPhone and Android mobile phones.

About Mobile Apps Testing training course

We all have the iPhones, androids buzzing in our hands all the time. Did you ever wonder what happens if mobile phones or the apps stop working for 10 minutes? Chaos prevails. The world will come to a standstill. This is what the mobile testers are working to avoid. They test all the phones, the apps, the websites before we use them. All testing before the apps make our life simpler by the minute. Now you know the importance of Mobile apps testing. You want to learn how it is done? Here is the opportunity. H2KInfosys is conducting Mobile apps testing training for iPhone and Android mobile phones. Join the community of mobile testers in making users’ life much simpler.

Why Mobile Apps Testing ?

You already know why mobile testing training in iPhone and Android is needed for the consumers. You should also know why the companies are investing such amounts in mobile testing. In this world of cut throat competition, there is no time for waiting or wasting time. If the phone is not good looking, the OS is not fast enough, the apps are not new enough,the users go to a different provider. No wasting time. So the mobile phone companies and the service providers are constantly pushing the products to the best on the market. So, Mobile and apps testing is the fastest growing testing field.

Why Mobile Apps Testing training from H2k Infosys?

There is not much to explain what Mobile apps testing training. It is simply testing the mobile apps before they are made available for the users. But you need to know that there are three parts in this. Device testing, OS testing, Website testing. You need to test if the device is working properly, test OS if it is fast enough and stable enough and test the websites if they are built perfectly to operate in the mobiles and all the functionalities are working in it. It is technically like all other kinds of testing.  It has functional testing, performance testing, load testing etc. There are also tools available to automate the testing. The talented and the experienced tutors at H2K will teach you all about mobile testing and the tools you need for mobile testing.

Mobile Apps testing course details

Mobile testing training course starts with the introduction of different mobiles, mobile testing, need for it, terminology used in the telecom industry, mobile OS etc. You will learn about emulators,how to install, how to launch apps, explore and how to download real time application on emulator. You will also learn how to do application, handset and website testing on the mobile. You will also learn the different types of mobile testing like user interface testing, functional testing, usability testing,compatibility testing, interrupt testing, certification testing, performance testing and load testing. The course also includes automation testing tools in mobile testing training like Sikuli. The students can create unit test cases and practice on the tool.

H2KInfosys will provide you all the materials and tools for you to practice mobile testing again and again. The experienced tutors will help you with all the questions and doubts that you have. So join the Mobile apps testing training and join the mobile apps testers.

Mobile Apps Testing training course highlights

  • Detailed information about Mobile application testing.
  • History of Android, iPhone etc.
  • Mobile Device Testing.
  • Setting up an Android / iPhone Environment on student computer.
  • Testing in Mobile Domain / web site / mobile apps.
  • Types of Mobile Apps Testing.
  • Mobile application Test Automation.
  • SeeTest – Mobile application Automation Testing.
  • Eclipse installation – Android /iPhone browser through Selenium WebDriver.

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Why H2kinfosys

Instructor-led face-to-face live training

Our classes are not recorded but rather live. You get to interact with the instructor and ask questions in real-time.

100% job oriented training

Our curriculum is designed to teach you tools and skills that are useful when you get into job positions.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to LMS where recorded class videos, quizzes are available

Course Syllabus

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Real-time projects to gain hands-on experience

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Cloud Test Lab to practice on software tools and projects


Can I take a FREE DEMO CLASS before I join the course?

Please submit your contact details to attend free live demo class.

Can I repeat the classes?

Yes , H2k Infosys courses are “One Time Pay, LifeTime Access”. Student can rejoin live classes up to one year. Class videos are for life time access.

How do I enroll for the online training if I am interested?

Register / Login to ,select the course and pay OR call us on USA : +1- 770-777-1269

Do you provide course materials, videos, interview questions, Quiz, online test?

After enrolling, you will get access to our Learning Management System. You will have access to materials, class notes, videos, quiz, forums etc.

Do you offer live projects as assignments?

Yes, Assignments are from real live projects. Assignments are key to understand the course.

Are your classes conducted Live online OR onsite OR Video based?

The classes are Instructor-led, Live Online classes where you will have face-to-face interaction with your Instructor. Recorded class videos are provided for life time access.

Do you provide Course Completion Certificate?

Yes. At the end of the course, student will receive course completion certificate.

Do you provide any discount if we take multiple courses on different technologies?

Yes. You can also refer your friends to get discount and referral bonus.

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