What is Unit Testing and Integration testing?

What is Unit Testing and Integration testing? Unit testing performs testing on each particular small manageable part of the product separately. These small manageable parts are called unit (or) module. It allows the tester to identify defects in early stages of development. Unit testing is also called Module testing. Integration Testing performs the testing on

What is Exploratory Testing & Monkey Testing?

What is exploratory Testing? Sometimes, Intuition and experience tell the tester about what might go wrong. Exploring the product functionality in ad-hoc manner to check for all the possible defects is called- Exploratory testing. It doesn’t have scripted test cases. Explain Monkey Testing? Name says it all. Monkeying around the functionality to enter some random

What are Test Techniques? Explain Dynamic and Static Test Techniques

What are Test Techniques? Explain Dynamic and Static test techniques Test techniques are the methods that are required to follow the test approach. Static Test Techniques perform verification process. Static technique verifies the documents, source code and project specification to find errors. We don’t need computer to implement static test techniques. Professionals meet and review

What is STLC & Build?

What is STLC? STLC is Software Test Life Cycle. It is a Test process to be executed in a sequential order. A typical STLC can have the following phases. Requirement Gathering, Test Planning, Test case development, Test Environment setup, Test Execution, Test Reporting & Closure. What is a Build? A software application/product that has finished