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How to Become an SAP Business Analyst?

About a highly lucrative SAP BA role...

As it is, domain expertise is crucial to becoming a great Business Analyst (BA). The BA role is two-dimensional. While one axis is the business analysis skillset which you can develop through BA online training, the other axis is the domain knowledge. However, becoming an SAP BA adds the third dimension. An SAP BA is specific to that application. Certification in the application also is required to make one a strong contender for an SAP BA position. It might be a good 5-year plan if you purse each course one after the other. However, with some customization and working it out simultaneously, one can reduce the preparation time to become an SAP BA.

That said, at H2K Infosys, we offer BA online courses for learners with a penchant to become a Business Analyst.

Who is an SAP Business Analyst?

SAP BA is not someone very unusual or rare. There are other application-based BAs such as Sharepoint BA, Salesforce BA, etc. However, the difference is it is a niche skill. So, let’s see what an SAP BA does?

Being a three-dimensional role, it has its benefits. It is a high paying job by all means. To start with, an SAP (Systems Applications and Products) BA is responsible for evaluating, designing, and implementing software programs for businesses. These programs could be to manage inventory, sales, production, and marketing.

The SAP BA could be from any industry background like Banking, healthcare, or Telecom. But, what they essentially provide is the analysis of resource planning, customer relationship, finance, HR management practices, and strategies. These analyses are performed to apply to SAP software programs.

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The roles and responsibilities of an SAP Business Analyst include:

  • Analyze System requirements
  • Design and implement SAP programs
  • Provide product support and training.

The core skills an SAP Business Analyst should develop are:

  • Good understanding of various SAP modules
  • Analyzing different business operations and needs
  • Knowledge of software testing procedures
  • Converting business solutions to a systems program
  • Preparing training materials with functional specifications

Advanced skills of SAP BA which although are not mandatory are preferred

  • Expertise in different SAP modules – Finance, Sales, or warehouse management.
  • Knowledge of Project Management processes – Scheduling, Cost management.

Demand for SAP Business Analysts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, a 10% increase in demand for SAP Business analysts can be expected between 2020-2024. This growth trend is mainly attributed to the requirement of small and medium-sized companies that are ready to invest in more advanced computer systems and programs.

How to become an SAP BA?

First off, one has to begin early in terms of planning and education to become an SAP BA. Moreover, the three essential prerequisites for becoming an SAP BA are study, study, and study.

  • Get a professional degree in Business Analysis from a reputed institute.
  • Identify the domain that piques your interest in SAP – finance /sales/Project system/HR/Production Planning/Project System etc.
  • Acquire domain expertise early in life.
  • Get domain certification and SAP certification

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