Student Reviews

Cheryl Nomdarkhon

If you want to be an image consultant, this course is the best for it. I'm enjoying the training. Mostly definitely, the course met all my expectations and it will help me going forward and starting my own business. Thanks to H2kinfosys!!

Sarah Jasmine

Thanks to the team of h2kinfosys and also the faculty who had been taught us with meaning full  materials and the way she teaches us is very interactive and understandable though we are fresher to the field but gained a good knowledge....thanks  once again

Lakshmi Vuppuluri

Coming to H2KInfosys to learn about Image Management Training was the best choice I made to advance my career. The course content is very interactive, and the instructors deliver personalized content.

Aiyana Helen

Had a chance to take the Soft Skills Training with Mrs. Swati Sharma from H2k Infosys. She is an awesome instructor, with in-depth knowledge on every topic of Soft Skills and has a lot of Patience in answering the questions as well. Thanks to H2K Infosys

Pragya Singh

Swati is a brilliant person to work with. Her hands-on approach to International Image and Style Coach, Certified Communication and Soft Skills Trainer and powerful character gained her the respect of the team.

Vimal Suchak

Swati is a professional trainer, she provides her expertise and guidance through training sessions. She is very versatile to meet the changing demands of the industry and develop new training plans to accommodate those demands.


This perhaps would be one of the most detailed free Python courses out there. As someone who had background knowledge in Python, I still learned a lot about OOP and exception handling. The capstone project was immense too


The course was really nice. I have always wanted to learn Python but was not sure if I would follow. The instructor explained the concepts with simplicity. 


I knew nothing about Python before I start this class. Now, I can read Python codes online and understand. Wow…. I can’t explain this feeling. 


Thank you H2k Infosys for this course. For the first time, I understand what classes, functions, methods are. Now, I can confidently write Python codes without fear of errors. 

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