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raji laksmi

I have been taking online Salesforce Developer course by H2k Infosys by Mr. Srinivas since last 3 months. He is very patient and very knowledgeable instructor. He clarifies all doubts and teaches the topics in organized way. I would highly recommend him to others.

Drishtipaat Jajabor

I have joined Srinivas Salesforce Developer classes. It was very productive. him teaching ability is excellent. It was very easy to understand. he was very helpful for all the students.She is not only a good Instructor but also a very good person and he was like our friend. We shared all of our questions to her very easily, without any hesitation. It was very easy to follow her instructions in the class as he taught very clearly and confidently. I extremely fortunate to have him as our Teacher.

tannistha majumdar

Srinivas is an amazing Salesforce Developer coach, I learned a lot from his classes and would be interested in advanced Salesforce Developer classes. He helped me solve all my coding issues. His materials are surely helpful. Thanks Srinivas for everything. I will miss your classes.


devops course by Priya was really good. She was very patient and we understood everything. All materials & recordings were provided.

Bhavika Kapadia

It's the best place to take Devops course, all the staff member were very helpful.

Monica Sundar

Hi, I am attending the Devops classes from H2K and the experience with them is been great. The staff are very dedicated and teach everything from the scratch. I loved the way Sudheer takes the classes, he spents so much time on all the students and makes sure everybody understands. For people from IT background the class is a bit slow and they cover very less for an hour session. I would recommend this for people who are from non-IT background.


Sudheer - he taught me Devops classes. he is friendly to everyone, him teaching is very nice and very interestingly he taught classes, he will interact with every participant in class and answers their questions patiently. He provided us interview questions and those are very useful .

Mohsin Iqbal

Since I don't have an IT background this ISTQB course has helped me a lot in learning and gain knowledge. rithu is a great instructor and always answer your questions. Tech support have been very helpful in replying back to the emails if you ever have an issue. I would recommend this course to anyone who's interested in making a career in IT ISTQB.

Neha parihar

The course content is excellent and they cover a variety of topics. All the instructors are impressive, specially rithu. The tech team is always available to support with installation of various tools. I highly recommend this training and helped me get a full time job as soon as i finished my training.

Siwani Kunwar

I attended ETL Testing Training class with santosh, he is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would like to thank santosh.

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