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What are the branches of Artificial Intelligence?

The main aim of Artificial Intelligence in technology is to make computer systems and machines imitate human behavior when executing tasks. This section of the guide will introduce you to the six major branches of Artificial Intelligence. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of designing systems that exhibit similar characteristics associated with the intelligence found in human behavior. It is a significant aspect of computer science that deals with system recognition such as learning, reasoning, understanding language, and taking actions to solve problems. 

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The Major Branches of Artificial Intelligence

Here are the major branches of Artificial Intelligence;

  1. Experts Systems
  2. Robotics
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Neural Network
  5. Fuzzy Logic
  6. Natural Language Processing

1. Expert Systems:

Expert Systems is an Artificial Intelligence (AI-based) system that learns and imitates a human being’s decision-making ability.  

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Expert Systems does not use conventional programming to solve complex problems but instead uses logical notations to achieve such an aim.

It is mainly used in the medical field to operate medical facilities and detect virus infections. It is also used in the banking sector for loan and investment analysis. 

2. Robotics:

This is a very interesting branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on the design and development of robots. Robotics deals with the designing, constructing, and operating of robots by incorporating both science and engineering techniques. 

The aim of deploying robots is to help humans with tedious and bulky tasks. These tasks involve the control of computer systems, information transformation and manufacturing of automobiles. It is used by NASA to move heavy objects in space. 

Robots also act as artificial intelligence agents that perform tasks in a real-world environment with the aim of actualizing results. This branch of AI is so amazing. 

3. Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is a highly demanding branch of Artificial Intelligence. It is the science that enables machines and computer systems to process, analyze and interpret data with the aim of providing solutions for real-life challenges. 

Computer systems can learn and take actions on their own due to the level of sufficient data provided through Machine Learning. The algorithm is set up in such a way that machines can predict outcomes based on past occurrences. 

Machine Learning algorithms and techniques help in training a model with data presented which will then predict and adjust to future outcomes. It is the science of allowing computer systems to learn and translate data for the sake of task execution without programming. Technology discoveries such as web search, speech recognition and automatic vehicles are results of Machine Learning. 

Here are three major categories under Machine Learning;

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

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4. Neural Network:

Neural Network is a branch of Artificial Intelligence associated with the use of Neurology to incorporate cognitive science in helping computer systems and machines to execute tasks. It is known as “Deep Learning” because it involves making use of artificial brain neurons to solve complex problems. 

Neural Network helps machines process how the human brain operates. This branch of AI also involves implementing mathematical functions and statistical techniques to solve real-world problems. It is used in fields such as risk analysis, market research, fraud detection, forecasting, and stock exchange prediction. 

Face verification algorithms on social media sites are a result of the implementation of Neural Network. This wonderful branch of AI is also responsible for virtual assistant apps such as “Alexa and Siri”. You can check out AI Certification Cost online so as to know if you can afford to study Neural Network AI certification. 

5. Fuzzy Logic:

This branch of AI is the technique of modifying and representing uncertain information by analyzing the degree to which the hypothesis is true. Fuzzy Logic helps to offer a certain level of reasoning flexibility when faced with uncertainties. 

This might sound a bit complex but it is simply a case of using standard logic to determine if a concept exhibits a degree of truth. For instance, standard logic is 1.0 if a concept is TRUE and 0.0 if a concept is FALSE. However, there are cases where a concept can either be partially true or partially false. 

Just as humans face dilemmas in their day-to-day activities, a computer system can be made to experience such with the aim of finding a solution.

Fuzzy Logic is used in automatic gearboxes and medicine for decision making. 

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6. Natural Language Processing:

Communicating with someone who doesn’t understand your language can be very challenging and the same can be said of humans trying to communicate with a computer system. A computer will find it difficult to interpret words because it only understands the language of binary digits. This challenge has led to the development of Natural Language Processing in computer science.

This is simply the process of making computer systems and machines to understand basic human interactions. This process involves a machine receiving human sound from interaction and converting it to text format so that it can be easily read and understood. These texts are then converted to components by the computer system that will make it understand the intention of the human. 


Artificial Intelligence is quite an interesting area of specialization that you can explore. These six main branches of Artificial Intelligence are specialties you can focus on as an individual. This is where the need for getting an AI certification comes in. Ensure you do further research on this topic when you have the time and also check out AI Certification Cost if you have plans to learn more.

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