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How to Become a Business Analyst in IT Field?

Business Analysis-A Game Changer...

How can one become a Java Developer without learning Java? Enrolling for the best business analyst online training course from a prominent IT training institute should meet the primary requirement to become a business analyst. However, there is a lot more to business analysis (BA) than what meets the eye. So, let’s see the prerequisites to become a business analyst, what BA course is all about, and the demand for business analysts in the job market. Having said that, H2K Infosys offers a comprehensive BA online training in the USA to students across the globe.

What is Business Analysis?

On a high-level, business analysis seems to be like any other professional IT process. But, as we delve deeper, business analysis is a crucial practice that has the potential to turnaround a business.

With the colossal amount of data available for scrutiny, the business analysis has become an unfathomable force. The collected data is put to good use by gathering and analyzing to draw inferences and thereby solve crucial business problems.

A typical business analyst performs multiple activities at every level of an organization. Their day to day functionalities may include requirement gathering from the stakeholder and communicating them to the development team, analyzing the business processes, introduce change, convincing the stakeholder of how the change might affect business growth, etc. In short, a business analyst is a key player who studies various business processes and advises the stakeholders to invest where the requirement lies.

The business analysts bring a multitude of techniques into practice to identify the loopholes in existing processes.

The most common techniques include SWOT, MOST, PESTLE, BPM, CATWOE, MoSCow, 5 Whys, and Six Thinking Hats approaches.

Demand for Business Analysis in the IT market

“As long as there is data, demand for business analysts is not going to end.”

Surprisingly, the business analysis was not a part of the core IT industry until recently and many organizations had reservations about implementing business analysis practices. However, the true potential of business analysis evolved only in the past decade.

The top flourishing career paths from choosing a business analysis stream are:

  1. IT Business Analyst
  2. Data Analysis Scientist
  3. Business Analyst Manager
  4. Quantitative Analyst
  5. Data Business Analyst

How can one become a Business Analyst?

Business Analyst profession is a high-paying job for a reason. And why not? A great business analyst is capable of implementing corrective measures to generate profits for a business. They are the ones who can communicate, argue, and convince the investors of how the recommended change can bring better results/profits to the company.

Despite playing a crucial role as a game-changer in the organization, the prerequisites to become a business analyst are quite simple.

Ideally, enrolling for  BA online training courses from reputed IT training institutes should fit the bill. No prior IT background is required to ace the skill. Any beginner, IT professional or non-IT personnel with good communication skills, an aptitude for problem-solving, and the ability to ask the right questions to achieve positive results are enough to nail the niche.

However, our sincere advice is to take up real-time business analysis projects for hands-on experience. One cannot become a good BA unless they get into real action.

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