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How to Learn Java Online? The Basics

Java training courses are just any other online learning program. Therefore, the fundamental rule remains the same – you must be 100% invested in the course before you decide to enroll.  This is because online learning is very different from classroom Java training courses. The flexibility of a course taken online leaves a lot up to the student in terms of maintaining a schedule, regularity, consistency, practice, and dedication. Being clear on this fundamental concept is the first step towards taking an online Java course.

Understanding JAVA

Java is often recommended as one of the first programming languages for anyone who wants to be a developer or wants to learn how to code. This cross-platform, powerful, and object-oriented language was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Today Java has evolved into a language with features like multithreading that allow users to write code that is capable of performing different functions simultaneously. Java is usually selected by developers to create applications or projects that have quite many such features.

Benefits of Taking Java Online Classes

The use-cases and benefits of taking Java online classes increases on a yearly basis. With a number of Enterprises adopting Java, following are the benefits of learning at least the basics of Java programming language:

Resources Available

The popularity of Java as a programming language has resulted in it becoming mature enough to have a number of resources that users can adopt to learn this language. Depending on your comfort level you can use the internet or online learning. Other avenues include community teachings or classroom learning.

Career Opportunities

If as a Java programmer, you have mastered the knowledge of this programming language then you will always be in high demand. Java programming jobs are created continuously within the technology industry to fill the ever-increasing gap of good Java skilled resources. Learning Java also adds a layer of security to your career prospects. This is mainly because the popularity of Android apps has been growing consistently creating a number of opportunities for Android developers who can write native apps using Java.

Object-Oriented Language

Learners can easily relate to the concepts of Java since this is an object-oriented programming language. This also makes it a highly flexible and extendable programming language.

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Rich API

The Java programming language contains a wide array of tools that are well supported by Java’s ecosystem. Its rich API system offers users everything that they require while they are executing a project with Java.


Java is one of the few non-proprietary software that have reached this level of popularity. Its open source feature allows programmers to write applications without having to pay for a license. It can be found easily online and can be downloaded using the official Java website.

Community Support

The number of qualified Java programmers exceeds 10 million globally. This growing community represents the programming language on different platforms. Its expert Java programmers are every-ready to extend their knowledge and support to new developers or beginners.

Development Tools

The popularity of Java is a direct result of its powerful IDEs.  Development tools also make sure that coding with Java is a comfortable experience by offering excellent debugging assistance to each and every programmer.

Easy to Learn and Practice

Java is the programming language of choice for many beginners. This is because it is easy to learn as it has a very simple Syntax that allows beginners to adopt this language quickly. They can start building powerful and useful applications within a short span of time.

Real-world Applications

Last but not least, Java has proven its worth by being adopted as a useful application by websites like or Its strong development roadmap allows for enhancements with respect to performance as well as security.

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Final Word

So, if you are keen to learn Java online, then the first step is to identify the correct course that helps you understand the fundamentals of the subject and also offers ample hours of industry training or practical experience in the form of hands-on programming.

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