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H2K Infosys provides world-class job oriented Java J2EE online training and placement assistance with a flexible schedule of classes. 

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About Java Training Course

  • Java is most famous technology at present. Its popularity is very high in job market. It is easy to learn and has a very simple grammar familiar to anyone with experience in C and C++. Large number of job opportunities is available in this field and Java is increasingly becoming a popular career choice. It is used extensively as a programming language in large number of real world companies and organizations like Google. H2KInfosys provides world class Job Oriented Java/J2EE online training and placement assistance with flexible schedule of classes.

  • Java is a high-level programming language originally developed by Sun Micro systems and released in 1995. Java runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX. With the advancement of Java and its wide spread popularity, multiple configurations were built to suite various types of platforms. For Example:J2SE for Java Standard Edition, J2EE for Enterprise Applications, J2ME for Mobile Applications.

  • Java is guaranteed to be Write Once, Run Anywhere. Java is Object Oriented, Platform Independent, Simple, Secure,Portable, Robust, Multi-threaded, Interpreted, Distributed, Dynamic, Architectural-neutral and delivers high performance.

  • Before choosing for this course, it is necessary to understand important role played by a Java developer or programmer. The Java Programmer is mainly responsible for coding and unit testing of the coding. He develops programs in Java language and executes them once created to test whether the coding is working properly or not. He also takes part in meetings to update his work progress in project.

    So, to become a Java developer, one need to have essential knowledge of it and this knowledge can be achieved by learning Java from H2kInfosys.

  • Our training gives you a complete understanding of Java. Our Online Training of Java, j2ee is hundred percent job placement oriented training. It covers both basic and advanced level of concepts. Face to Face true online classes. Students get chance to interact with faculty and each other. Practice on software tools and Real Time project scenarios. Live Projects on different domains like Healthcare, Banking,Insurance, Supply Chain Management, CRM, etc. Weekly mock interviews and group discussions held. Assistance in Resume and Interview preparation. Provide recorded videos and other related material of every session. Weekdays as well as weekend batched are available.Well qualified tutors are available. FREE Demo class is available to every new student.

  • Java Training classes includes various concepts like Core Java, JDBC, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EL Expressions, Application Servers,CVS, junit, EJB, Ajax, MVC Framework, Hibernate, ORM Technology, Spring Framework, XML, Struts, JMS, JNDI, Web Services, Design Pattern and latest technologies based on new version of Java and J2EE.

    This Java tutorial will make you master in Java and increase your skills in it both theoretically and practically. It will definitely lead you to a successful Java development career and you will get a good job.

  • Why H2K ?

    • Java / J2EE Job oriented Training Online
    • Instructor Led - Face2Face True Live Online class.
    • More interaction with student to faculty and student to student.
    • Detailed presentations. Soft copy of Materiel to refer any time.
    • Practical oriented / Job oriented Training. Practice on Software Tools & Real Time project scenarios.
    • Weekly mock interviews / group discussions / interview related questions.
    • Test Lab is in Cloud Technology – to practice on software tools.
    • Pay one time fee & repeat attending classes multiple times until student is comfortable with every topic. This feature is helpful to students who are new to I.T. Field. Depends on the batch schedule and student convenient, Student can repeat Weekend or Weekday batches and review the topic multiple times.
    • Java/J2EE training classes are 80+ hours.
    • We discuss about the real time project domains in Banking/Financial, Telecom, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Health care and other domains.
    • We provide Recorded Videos for every class to review before and after the live class.
    • The teaching methods / tools / topics we chosen are based on the current competitive job market.
    • More H2Kinfosys training Advantages

    Java / J2EE Course Details at a Higher Level:

    Module 1:

    • Core Java, JDBC

    Module 2:

    • J2EE Concepts, Servlets, JSP, EL Expressions

    Module 3:

    • XML, Struts MVC Framework

    Module 4:

    • Hibernate ORM Technology

    Module 5:

    • Spring Framework

    Module 6:

    • Web Services, Design Patterns

    Module 7:

    • JMS, JNDI, EJB, Ant, Ajax

    Module 8:

    • Application Servers, CVS, JUnit

Java Training Course Syllabus

  • Session-1

    What is JAVA

    Hello World Program

    Object Oriented Programming



    Java Data Types

    Control Statements


    Classes and Objects

    What is Constructors  /Overloading

    Inner Classes


    Inheritance/super/final keywords



    Method Overriding


    Interfaces/abstract class



    Exception Handling Hierarchy

    Exception Handling Programs


    Threads/Runnable Interface


    Dead Lock


    IO Streams

    Read and Write from/to a file

    Serializable Interface


    Collection Framework

    Collection Hierarchy



    Database setup(MySQL/OracleXE)

    JDBC architecture & Driver Types

    CRUD Operations on DB


    Reflection Framework Examples on Reflections

  • Session-13

    J2EE Concepts/Servlets/JSP/Expression Lang

    Install Web Server (Tomcat)

    Web Application packaging structure

    Servlet Life cycle

    Servlet Configurations and Context

    Servlet Request/Response Object


    Servlet Filters

    Session Management

    Servlet Communication

    response/application/session : setAttribute

    Session -15

    JSP Technology and Life Cycle

    JSP vs Servlet

    JSP implicit Objects

    Handling Errors in JSP

    Expression Language


    MVC Architecture

    Mini MVC project using above technologies



    What's XML and its use

    Validate xml using XSD/DTD 

    XML Parsing using SAX/DOM Parsers

  • Session-18

    Hibernate Overview

    JDBC vs ORM Framework

    Hibernate Configuration

    Hibernate Program


    Hibernate hbm and cfg file

    Read and Save Data using Hibernate


    Hibernate Associations

    Hibernate Criteria/Projection

    Hibernate Query Language(HQL)


    Hibernate Alogirthms for Primary Key

  • Session-22

    Spring Overview

    Spring Bean Configurations


    Spring Config xml file

    Scope of a Bean

    Dependency Injection


    Spring AOP

    Spring JDBC


    Spring MVC

    Spring Controllers/Handlers

    View Resolvers

    Spring tags


    Spring to Hibernate Configuration

  • Session-27

     WebService Architecture


    Exposing WebService Example

    Testing WS using SOAP UI


    WebService using Apache CXF/Tomcat

    Spring WebServices

    RESTful WebServices



    Username/password Security

    Public/Private key Security

    TopDown/BottomUp Approach

  • Session-30

    JMS Architecture

    Configuring Topic/Queue on Active MQ

    JMS Transations

  • Session-31

    Version Control

    Junit Test/ Log4J

  • Session-32

    Setting Up Node/NPM

    Creating Hello World React App


    Understanding Components

    Life Cycle of React Component


    React with Java Services using REST Service


    Session Management using Redux

Java Training Ratings



“Exceeded all the expectations of the quality of the course and the sincerity and dedication with which Jayram teaches Java. Every dollar of the fee is worth !!!!.” Read more

JAVA course by Jayram was really good. he was very patient and we understood everything.. All materials & recordings were provided. Read more

I am a student of JAVA class instructed by Jayram...I am very pleased about the class. Thanks Jayram. Read more

H2k infosys is a great platform to learn JAVA. Jairam is a great teacher. he is very polite,knowledgeable and explain each concept with real life example.I learned a lot. Thank you so much Jairam. Read more

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