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Python abs() Function

Absolute Value Examples

One of the reasons for the popularity of Python is its built-in functions. Python provides a large number of built-in functions. The is an absolute value function to find the Python abs Function of any number. While working with distance calculations we always need a positive number. As distance is always positive. Another example of the usage of absolute values is speed calculations. Let’s take a look at how to use the Python abs Function.

x = -9

The output is shown below.

Python abs() Function

Distance example

The take a look at the distance formula. If we take the absolute value of the difference then we

Don’t need to take the square and then square root.

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point1 = [4, 0]point2 = [6, 6]dist = ((point1[0]-point2[1]))+((point1[0]-point2[1]))print(dist)

The output is as follows.

Python abs() Function

Complex number examples

To find the magnitude of a complex number absolute value function can be used. Let’s take a look at an example.

complex_num = 5 – 5j

complex_num2 = 7 + 4j
print( abs(complex_num2))
Python abs() Function
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