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10 Automation tools

Software testing involves testing the different features of software. We have variety of automation tools to test the functional features of the software listed in this article.

  1. Testing Whiz:

Testing Whiz is a test automation tool with code-less scripting by Cygnet InfoTech CMMi level 3 IT solutions provider. Testing Whiz tool’s Enterprise edition provide an whole package of varied automated testing solutions like web testing, software Testing, Database Testing, API testing, mobile app testing, regression testing suite maintenance, optimisation and automation and cross-browser testing.

Testing Whiz offers many various important features like:

  • There are Keyword Driven, Data driven testing and  also distributed testing.
  • Browser Extension testing.
  • Object Eye internal Recorder.
  • SMTP Integration
  • Integration with bug tracking tools viz Jira, Mantis, TFS and FogBugz.
  • The combination with test management tools like HP quality center, Zephyr, TestRail.
  • Customised Recording Rule.
  1. HPE Unified Functional Testing-

HP Quick test Professional was named again to HPE Unified functional testing which offers testing automation for functional and regression testing for software applications.

     Visual Basic Scripting Edition scripting language is employed by this tool to register the test processes and operates many objects and controls in testing the applications.

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QTP offers features like

  • The combination  of Mercury Business Process Testing and Mercury Quality Center.
  • Unique smart visual perception.
  • Error handling mechanism.
  • The parameters for objects, checkpoints and data driven tables can be created.
  1. Sahi-

It is a testing tool mainly to automate web applications testing. This is an open source which is written in java and javascript programming languages.

Sahi provides the following

  • It performs multi-browser testing.
  • Supports ExtJs, ZK, Dojo, Yui etc frameworks.
  • It has record and playback on the browser testing.
  1. Tosca TestSuite-

Tosca Testsuite by Tricentis uses model-based test automation to automate software testing.

Tosca Test suite comes with the following

  • Plan and designing test case.
  • Test data provisioning.
  • Service virtualisation network
  • Tests mobile apps.
  • Integration management.
  • Risk coverage.
  1. Telerik TestStudio-

Telerik TestStudio offers one solutions to automate desktop, web and mobile application testing including UI, load and performance testing.

Telerik TestStudio offers much compatibility like

  • support of programming languages like HTML, AJAX, ASP.NET, JavaScript

Silverlight, WPF, MVC.

  • It Integrates with Visual basic studio 2010 and 2012.
  • Record and playback
  • Manual testing.
  1. Serenity
10 Automation tools

If any automation tool based on java framework that integrates with the behavior-driven development tools such as Cucumber and JBehave and it keeps the test scenario at high level while accommodating lower level implementation within the reports, Serenity BDD could be the tool for you.

Serenity behaves like a wrapper on top of Selenium webdriver and BDD tools. It makes writing BDD and selenium tests easier because it abstracts away much of the boilerplate code you sometimes go to write to urge started. Serenity also many of built-in functionality, like handling WebDriver management, managing state between screenshots performing tests in parallel, facilitating Jira integration and more all without have to write a single  line code.

  1. UFT Developer-
10 Automation tools

It is named as Lean Functional Testing essentially which combines the best of the commercial vendor-based and open-source worlds by morphing Selenium with essential functionality currently found in the UFT.

  1. OpenTest

OpenTest is open source designed to make the writing tests in JavaScript that is accessible to all the programmers. The basic thing is knowledge of coding language and the document object model to locate all the elements we want to interact with the programmers without more coding experience that will be able to write tests.

  1. QA Wolf

It is an open source low code tool when we browse a website all the software records actions and generates an automated test in JavaScript based on those actions. These provide integrations with slack, Vercel and Netify. QA Wolf will provide team collaboration features like ability to view and edit our testing dashboard.

  1.  Katalon

It is an open source software of web and mobile automation testing. It is very straightforward and supports cross platforms usage. It is a good implementation of JIRA.


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