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Scrum Testing Methodology

Scrum is a considered as a framework where complex situations are resolved by teams, at the same time the products are also delivered. The quality of any product delivered should be high even when the issue is complex. When the problem is complicated, it requires sufficient team collaboration. Scrum is lightweight and easy to understand. Scrum is one of the methodology under Agile. 

Basically the scrum testing is a type of testing which is performed to check the ability of the software application which executes complicated processes. This testing checks different parameters of the software like its quality, usability, performance etc.

Different characteristics of scrum testing:

The characteristics of scrum testing are:

  1. Same continuously repeated sequences are followed in scrum testing.
  2. The life cycle of scrum testing expires after some time.
  3. For each cycle schedule is fixed in scrum testing.
  4. This testing depends on some key gadgets of development.

Key attributes of scrum testing:

1. Project goals

Project goals consist of basic idea behind the project and also the requirement of software. It focuses on whether the software meets the requirements. All planning and the requirement analysis phase. It consists many attributes involved in it.

2. Product backlog

This is a group or collection of user experiences observed for a scrum product. The owner of the product prepares and maintains the product backlog.

3. Sprint Backlog

Sprint backlog is a collection of user experience to be completed in a sprint. Here team will sign up for work on their own, it is not assigned during the sprint backlog. It is owned by the team and team manages it. The remaining work is updated daily which is a collection of tasks in sprint.

The Role of QA tester in scrum:

There are various roles for tester

  1. Face-to-Face communication

One-on-one communication with the team is one of the most important or efficient way to communicate ideas of time. A tester participates in planning or release of sprint. The design meetings are held every time before the sprint planning is done. The testers can participate in this meeting and ask questions on the stories being discussed.

  1. Capacity of finding the bugs

The tester will work together and productively with the product owner and customer from acceptance criteria. The tester and other team would discuss the complete user story before any user story is sent for the development. The agile tester would be able to describe the feature as well.

  1. Absolute Role

The tester should have good communication and interpersonal skills. The tester should have technical skills, apart from that he should have good communication skills to deliver the project to the client.

  1. Technical skills

An agile tester understands the relevance of technical skills. The tester is always prepared to contribute to the technical discussions of the team. The agile software tester would work with developers when they are performing unit testing.

  1.  Automation

This testing includes automation at time of the unit testing and integration testing.

Advantages of scrum testing

  1. it helps software to execute properly  any complicated task.
  2. It guarantees the quality, ability and performance of the software.
  3. Returns on investment are increased.
  4. It provides customer satisfaction.
  5. It mainly focuses on the project control through meetings.
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