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Agile Scrum Training Online with H2K INFOSYS explores the fundamentals of agile project development practices and techniques.

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About Agile Scrum Training Course

  • Enroll for Scrum Master Certification and use the result-oriented methodology to maximize business impact and augment customer satisfaction.

    This certification program enables you to meet the following goals:

    • Deliver high-quality products in functional stages
    • Enhances collaborations within team members
    • Enforces a flexible process environment where the changes do not affect product quality, cost, and time.

    Benefits of employing Agile Scrum methodology:

    • Flexibility and adaptability
    • Creativity
    • Lowering costs
    • Ensures high-quality
    • Synergy of teams
    • Customer delight
    • Employee Satisfaction

    Who should employ Agile Scrum methodology for their business?

    This Scrum training is most beneficial for

    • Complicated projects
    • Companies looking for best results
    • Companies that have customer goals as a priority

  • When we are talking about Agile Scrum methodology, we are referring to the Agile process of project management, where the system mainly relies on incremental development against the development that takes place all at once.

    Scrum is the process 'framework' that facilitates the Agile development methodology through collaborations. Here, different roles and tools work together towards a common goal by structuring and distributing the workload.

    What is Agile?

    In Agile methodology, the project development happens in iterative sprints, which are 2-4 weeks long. The goal of each sprint is to first complete the essential features in an attempt to come up with the most viable product.

    However, the subsequent sprints ensure that the team members work on the development of the product with the client's requirement and feedback in mind.

    The agile methodology primarily focuses on iterative development of the product to ensure superior quality of the end product in the least amount of time while other project management methodologies follow a single iteration from start to finish.

    The main benefit of the agile model of development is the best quality output within set timeframes as each set of goals must be completed within the respective sprint duration.

    What is Scrum?

    Scrum, on the other hand, is one of the most popular Agile methodologies. According to the 12th annual State of Agile report, 70% of the software teams employ Scrum or Scrum hybrid methodology.

    It is a set of practices that must be followed to maintain the consistency in delivering the superior quality of the product. Scrum methodology ensures that the sophisticated product and services are cut down to segments such that they can be completed by cross-functional teams within a short duration of time.

    Scrum methodology mainly focuses on always creating the sets of functionality based on the priority. Scrum enables

    • Faster output
    • Movement of the idea to delivery quickly
    • Ensure higher customer satisfaction
    • Increase employee morale

    Our Agile Scrum Master Certification program brings you up-to-date with the Agile practices and the intricacies of Scrum methodology. Master the Agile Scrum approach to ensure the delivery of the superior quality product within a short duration.

  • Agile Scrum methodology is a lightweight yet powerful, result-oriented, proven set of values, principles, and practices.

    Our Agile Scrum Master Certification online program at H2K Infosys is a rigorous course that can help you position as an expert in the Agile methodology at your organization. It is a powerful medium to maximize product development experience and, thereby, customer satisfaction.

    It is ideal for working executives who are

    • Team leads
    • Developers who are members of the scrum team,
    • Product owners
    • Project managers
    • Teams that re transitioning to Scrum


    Any professionals who aspire for a management role are eligible for the Scrum Alliance certification.

  • H2K Infosys is a leading provider of online training programs in a wide range of technologies. Listed below are the numerous advantages of choosing us for Agile Scrum master certification online.

    All our Agile Scrum master training batches are handled by experienced trainers who also happen to be industry experts with hands-on implementation knowledge.

    • Our Agile Scrum online courses are live-classroom sessions, led by instructors that can be streamed from the luxury of your home.
    • Life-time access to all the recorded videos. Entire Agile Scrum training classes.
    • Cloud test lab access for practice.
    • We conduct mock interviews to help our learners build confidence, which subsequently enables them to crack the interviews comfortably.
    • All our online training courses are 100% job oriented.
    • Our in-house experts create your resume after the Agile Scrum online course completion.
  • Our 12-hour rigorous Agile Scrum program is designed to understand the Agile methodology, Agile principles, benefits of Agile, core roles of the Scrum team, Scrum rules, Scrum artifacts, Scrum events, and getting started with Scrum.







    Refer to our course section for the exact program details

Agile Scrum Training Course Syllabus

  • - Introduction

    - What is Process?

    - Defined vs Empirical process

    - Project Myth

    - Agile Manifesto

    • Agile Manifesto value 1
    • Agile Manifesto value 2
    • Agile Manifesto value 3
    • Agile Manifesto value 4

    - Agile Principal

    • Agile Principal 1
    • Agile Principal 2
    • Agile Principal 3
    • Agile Principal 4
    • Agile Principal 5
    • Agile Principal 6
    • Agile Principal 7
    • Agile Principal 8
    • Agile Principal 9
    • Agile Principal 10
    • Agile Principal 11
    • Agile Principal 12
  • - Pillars of Scrum

    - Scrum Team

    • Scrum Master
    • Development Team
    • Product Owner

    - Agile Scrum Artifact

    • Product Backlog
    • Sprint Backlog
    • Burndown Chart

    - Agile Scrum Event

    • Sprint Planning Meeting
    • Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Reviews & Sprint Retrospective

    - Scrum Process Overview

    - Value Driven Delivery

    - Release and Iteration

    - Time Boxes - Prioritization

  • - Agile Process Overview

    - Project Charter

    - Personas

    - Agile Modelling

    - High Level Estimation

    - 1 Point estimation

    - 3 Point estimation

    - Analogous estimation

    - User Story

    • 3 Parts of user stories
    • What makes a good user story?

    - Decomposing Requirement

    • Activity Diagram
    • Wireframe Diagram

    - Product Backlog

    - Exercises: User Stories

    - Managing Backlog

    - Prioritizing Backlog

    - Grooming Backlog

  • - Agile process overview

    - Agile Planning and estimating

    - Adaptive Planning

    - Agile estimating is collaborative

    - Before release planning

    - Release planning meeting

    - Minimally Marketable feature

    - Slicing stories

    - Acceptance criteria and tests

    - Relative sizing

    - Using story points

  • - Product Owner

    - Development Team

    - Project Sponsor

    - Scrum Master

    - Self organization teams

    - Self directing teams

    - Team Charter

    - Leading Agile Team

    - Servant Leadership

    - Coaching and Mentoring

    - Conflicts

    - Co-located and Distributed Team

    - Team Space

    - Tacit knowledge & Osmotic communication

    - Distributed team

  • - Continuous improvement

    - Iteration reviews

    - Self assessment

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Agile Scrum Training Ratings



I just started Agile Scrum course, so far I love it. Thank you H2k for making it easier Read more

Mr. Shah, the trainer explained the Agile Scrum methodology very well. He delivered theory and with many vivid examples and guided through our practice. The concepts taught were profound and could provide insight at the org level as well. Read more

Mr.Shah was very professional, and H2K Infosys is a great place to enhance learning and skills. It's worth it! Highly recommend H2K Infosys for Agile Scrum training. Read more

Many Thanks to Mr.Shah for the excellent coverage of different subject areas during the Agile Scrum training as it helped me in unearthing some of the Agile concepts which I was not aware of. I'm glad that I have attended Mr. Shah's batch for this professional certification. Read more

I attended Mr. Shah's 2 days Agile Scrum Master certification program in Feb 2020 on 16th/17th. The Tools and Techniques are beautifully covered by Mr. Shah in those two days. After the training is over, I felt my confidence levels rise as I was ready to take up the work challenges in my new role as a scrum team member. Read more

The Agile Scrum training was very good at H2K Infosys. The content delivered in the two days was exactly what I was looking for. The concepts were very well explained, and I must say Mr. Shah has a perfect understanding of the agile concepts. He was able to quote practical examples, which helped me understand the concepts even faster. Read more

I recommend H2K Infosys and Mr. Shah's online training to all Agile Scrum learners. Thank you, H2K Infosys, for the excellent learning experience! Read more

It gives me immense pleasure to write this review about H2K Infosys. The learning experience during the two days Agile Scrum training was conducive. Mr. Shah is a knowledgeable trainer with good industry exposure, which reflected in his training. He was very patient throughout the sessions. Read more

I would recommend everyone to take up Agile Scrum training at H2K Infosys if you are a serious aspirant. All the best! Read more

I felt Mr. Shah was an excellent trainer with great patience and understanding. Agile Scrum training program at H2K Infosys was the overall value for money deal. More than this, the support you get from Mr. Shah was outstanding. Read more

Interactive and educational sessions! The instructor M.Shah used real examples and cited use cases for a better understanding of the concepts. Thank you, H2K Infosys and Mr. Shah. Read more

The interactive online class gave great real-life examples with plenty of hands-on exercises! Read more

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