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Cloud Migration Tools

The cloud migration tool is considered as technology focuser software that assists all the enterprises in their journey from the legacy infrastructure to the cloud or between two cloud environments by assisting to effectively move data, applications, and workloads when applicable. Cloud migration tool gives a solution package when the vendor company may help the client’s end-end cloud journey.

The cloud migration Tools are:

  1. AppDynamics(Cisco)

AppDynamics is considered a digital transformation enablement company that helps us to hide insights into appliance performance. This mixture of Appdynamics and the selection of Cisco products make it a powerful tool for cloud migration.

Features are

  • It supports the corner-to-corner migration journey. This baselines the applications that deliver both pre and post-migration metrics and also helps to detect UX issues.
  • Its compatibility with the cloud destination works with the more major cloud platforms, that includes AWS, Azure, Docker, SAP, and Kubernetes.
  • Its Pre-migration assessment has dashboards that display key metrics and also performance insights in real-time.
  • Application or data migration enablement that joins with cisco inter-sight workload optimizer and cisco cloud center for application migrating and scaling.
  • The ability to perceive the performance optimization likewise to AppDynamics business IQ aids in quick analysis of post-cloud migration success.
  1. AWS Server and Application Migration Services

This AWS will provide built tools that help us to migrate to an AWS cloud environment. It has two tools for all enterprises: the AWS application migration services and the AWS  server migration service.

The features are

  • It always supports end-end migration journey where the AWS provides end-end customer enablement that suggests professional services, managed services, training, and certification
  • The compatibility with the cloud destination that’s compatible only with AWS environments.
  • The pre-migration assessment may support the pre-migration assessments through the AWS management console.
  • This application data migration or enablement of the application migration service moves applications from the physical, virtual, or maybe cloud infrastructure to the AWS. The server migration service automatically migrates on-premises workloads.
  • The insights into performance optimization we will gain from the AWS services like Amazon cloud watch.
  1. AvePoint Migration

AvePoint is a cloud migration company that focuses on office 365 and SharePoint landscapes. It lets us consolidate the older tenants, migrate the content from other clouds like google and Box and modernize on-premises files.

The features are

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  • It supports the end-end migration journey where AvePoint will give the migration service, from knowing and assessment to pilot, execution, and onboarding.
  • Compatibility with the cloud where the destination is Avepoint is compatible with Microsoft 365.
  • Pre-migration analysis that the company wishes will review the business when needed and also the current content production environment to trace governance and hardware gaps.
  • Application software or data migration enablement while AvePoint increased migrates the content from the cloud and also on-premises locations to Microsoft 365.
  • Here are the insights for all the performance optimization we’ll have to receive the detailed job reports and also content verification reports by the ability of power BI right up to the user onboarding.
  1. Azure Migrate

This is to migrate the Azure cloud. It supports migration from virtual machines, Physical servers, and also cloud-to-cloud implementations.

The features are

  • Support end-end migration journey- This offers a guided experience that’s powered by a progress dashboard that takes us through the creation, assessment, and migration phases.
  • Compatibility with the cloud destinations where they are compatible with the Azure environments, including the Azure virtual machines, Azure VMware, Azure App Service, and Azure SQL database destinations.
  • A pre-migration analysis to perform Azure’s readiness analysis, app dependency visualization, and price estimation tools.
  • These insights for performance optimization where the Azure Migrate dashboard yet as integrated partner tools, provide the performance insights.


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