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About Web Services Testing / SoapUI Course

  • SoapUI is an API Testing tool that works on both SOAP and REST APIs. Its most distinguishing factor in the world of testing tools is that it can be used for multiple forms of testing – both functional and non functional. Load, Functional and Security testing are few testing types that can be successfully accomplished via SoapUI. SoapUI is available in two renditions: SoapUI and SoapUI Pro. SoapUI pro is for advanced users and is commercially licensed. Soap UI on the other hand is open sourced.

    • SoapUI can be used to create efficient and comprehensive tests that are completely portable across multiple platforms. This is because SoapUI is built on Java.
    • SoapUI tests can also be data driven with the help of external data sources like Excel, XML, etc.
    • SoapUI also comes with the best reporting capability in the market
    • SoapUI can be leveraged to perform in-depth security scans on applications
    • Load tests are similar to functional tests except in the way they get treated and the intention of the test itself. When functional testing a certain in our applications, we check the accuracy, usability, etc. When Load testing it, the function takes the form of a transaction; the response time, the network etc becomes the parameters of focus. SoapUI can help a tester decide to run a particular test as a load or functional test. Two targets with one test!
    • Mock Services, a constituent part of SoapUI helps to mimic the web service behavior even before it is built. This is a really versatile feature that contributes immensely to minimizing the time that it takes to implement, test and correct- in that order.
    • Online teacher led, participant interaction based session that focus first and foremost on understanding the concepts of API testing thoroughly
    • A detailed understanding of SoapUI components – including the Pro version
    • Real time examples and hands on practice assignments that are in line with real-project tasks
    • Class recordings available for indefinitely for review.
    • Resume, interview and job assistance.
    • Complete guidance for a successful career in SoapUI testing
    • Offline chat and email support by our experienced and passionate faculty members.
  • Most of the software project architecture is developed with SOA using Web Services Technologies. There is a lot of demand for testing web services. H2KInfosys QA training course covers how to implement automation testing of web services with SoapUI Pro.

    H2K Infosys is providing a special course to Automate Web Services testing using SoapUI Pro tool. Groovy script is used in SoapUI tool to automate the web services testing. Our course provides hands on training with most important concepts of SoapUI Pro to test SOA / Web Services applications. Student create SoapUI project, familiarize with the SoapUI interface, advanced topics of the SoapUI Project like Groovy scripting , Assertions, Property transfer, Data Driven Testing etc. Automation Test engineer must need to know how to script.Learn SoapUI Pro - the hottest Web Service testing tools being used in the industry for SOA testing. Complete practical oriented and job oriented training in SOAPUI tool to automate the WebServices Testing.

Web Services Testing / SoapUI Course Syllabus

    • What is WebServices?,WSDL, SOAP, SOAPUI Pro Tool, XML
    • Discuss couple of projects developed with WebServices
    • Why WebServices are Being Used
    • SoapUI Pro - Download, Installation
    • How to create project and add multiple WSDL to one project
    • XML, WSDL, SOAP and REST protocols
    • Testing Web Services with SoapUI Pro
    • Adding properties to Project and how to use the values from project level and Test Suite level properties indifferent scenarios
    • Creating Mock Services using SoapUI pro
    • Parameterization of Data / Data Driven Testing using SOAPUI tool - using data from local Excel file.
    • Create Automation Test Suite, Test case and adding steps to each test case
    • How to add and implement
    • SOAP Test Request
    • Groovy Script
    • Properties
    • Property Transfer
    • DataGen
    • How to add Assertions and validate different scenarios in Request / Response XML and compare with pre defined data from Properties.
    • XPath& XQuery with SoapUI
    • How to write Groovy Script - Programming standards, concepts of Variables, writing logic to validate response xml
    • Defining variables to get the data from properties
    • If condition, for loop, etc.
    • How to debug the script, log.info etc.
    • JDBC Connection. Write script to connect to Database and retrieve the data and compare the data with the response xml
    • How to add Assertions and validate different scenarios using Groovy script.

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Ritu did wonderful job on webservices topics. Very patient, repeated information until everybody understood the topic and answers all the questions. Read more

i am currently attending web services and project sessions with RITU . She is very knowledgeable and experienced instructor . I learned lot of real time work with her. she is clearly clarifying the doubts and providing good notes.Thank you RITU. Read more

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