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7 Amazing Benefits of Using Salesforce in Your Business

Salesforce is one of the biggest and most widely used cloud-based platforms globally due to its numerous benefits. Many individuals and professionals alike are beginning to register for Salesforce training courses to obtain the required knowledge and take advantage of the enormous benefits.    In this article, we shall be discussing the seven key benefits of adopting Salesforce in your business.

  1. Customer information

One of the significant advantages of using Salesforce is its ability to retrieve quality and quantity information. Salesforce enables you to access each lead’s data, such as their account details, task, contact, and every other opportunity associated with a potential leader. This provides your company with sufficient information which can be leveraged to approach potential customers.  This is crucial because it enables your company to access all the data you need to organize your customer profiles. All your customer’s information is gathered in one place. You can easily track the data of any customer you want at any particular period, regardless of whether they are delegated to different representatives; this creates a comprehensive approach to effectively managing your customer base and growing your business. 

Furthermore, the ability to share client’s data allows you and your employees to enjoy stress-free work as you don’t need to worry about personally meeting with your clients or leads to acquiring information. Any of your representatives can easily access the required information that they need to perform essential tasks. Salesforce is a digital upgrade from physical tools such as folders, files, and the use of excel sheets. It is more convenient, comprehensive, and faster to use.

  1. Account Planning 

Having all necessary customer data within your reach enables your company to plan for individual clients’ accounts; this gives you a practical approach that will build a connection with your customers. It will also allow your reps to make necessary adjustments that will produce better results. The to-do list tool on the Salesforce application will enable you to schedule your daily activities. You can also create reminders via the calendar tool; this will allow other team members, such as the account managers, to follow up with your clients. It will also help to remind team members of essential tasks. The Salesforce software also enables you to track the amount of time spent on each client’s account; this enables service-based businesses to effectively manage the time spent on each customer to ensure fair treatment. Too much time is not paid to one particular client.

  1. Time Management

The availability of extensive client information along with multiple planning resources naturally helps you manage time effectively. You have all the data required to prioritize work for your customers as well as schedule tasks for various individual accounts.

  1. Team Collaboration

The Salesforce software also provides a suitable avenue for you to communicate with your teammates effectively; this is actualized through the “chatter” feature, which allows you to relate and discuss with your team members about work progress, including issues about clients, territory, organizing Salesforce training, and other essential matters. Chatter also allows you to add various team members to accounts that require special consideration; this, in turn, enables your team to set work priorities and schedules; thus allowing you to attend to more leads and boost sales.

  1. Accessibility

Due to the cloud-based nature of Salesforce, you can easily access it with your computer or smartphones wherever there is an internet service.

The Salesforce app has features that enable you to keep up with your business and staff from time to time. Hence Salesforce is a perfect tool for a proactive entrepreneur or sales manager who desires to keep in touch with their team. Another significant advantage of Salesforce is that it stores all your data in the cloud, where you are able to access it at any time. There’s no local server, no filing cabinet, and so on; everything is kept safe in the cloud.

Also, it enables your team to stay abreast with accounts and client activities, regardless of their location.

  1. Personalized Interaction

The vast information stored in the Salesforce cloud enables businesses and companies to create personalized services for their clients. In a report by forrester study, 77% of consumers often choose, recommend, or pay more for brands that offer personalized services or interactions. Companies that adopt Salesforce in their business activities often experience an increase in sales and improved customer relationships.

To improve their customized interaction with customers, companies usually Link Salesforce with the mobile phone system via a CTI tool. The CTI tool enables companies to have a single collective view of their customers and potential leads. It also allows automation of Mobile-CRM tasks like call recording.

  1. Understanding Valuable Data

Salesforce is a brilliant CRM tool that enables companies to understand client data for optimum performance. Salesforce analytics functionalities help businesses improve their marketing strategies and sales methodology. Companies that implement Salesforce have a broader view of what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Effective lead Management

Salesforce allows you to manage all your leads, deals, and opportunities in one consolidated platform. You no longer need to manage and keep track of your excel sheets. Just in a single click, you can access all your contacts, opportunities, and related leads. You can also create separate lead views based on region, sales, or types of goods purchased. You can also track all your marketing opportunities, winning opportunities, and opportunities that were lost.

  1. Easy task performance

The salesforce system enables companies to carry out repetitive tasks efficiently; this brings about a reduction in workload, reduced risk, and increased work effectiveness. Some of the daily tasks that are usually automated are call logs, emails, voicemails, scheduling appointments, and priority setting.

  1.   Improved reporting

Salesforce has made it very easy for you to create your file reports and customized dashboard using appropriate features and tools. You don’t need to go through the stress of creating excel sheets and pie charts, and other diagrams. You can also have your reports in various formats like matrix, tubular, or summary formats. You can as well make reports of leads, accounts, opportunities, or any other personalized item. 
In summary, Salesforce comes with countless benefits, and several companies and businesses are already taking advantage of it; you don’t want to be left out. If you are new to Salesforce technology and intend to acquire knowledge in the field, you can easily do so by signing up for Salesforce training courses online. There are also Salesforce certification programs that you can partake in to acquire a certificate in the field.

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