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Basic Fundamentals of Microsoft .Net

The success or failure of any applications or services depends mainly on the platform you choose. Without a doubt, Microsoft dot net is one such platform available for you. The aspirants worldwide choose Microsoft .net courses to acquire new skills and enhance the opportunities in their careers. If you are interested in growing your career in this field but want to know the basics before moving forward, you have landed on the right page. So, let us look at what is Microsoft dot net and why it is gaining more fame these days. 

What is the dot net? 

The dot net is a developer platform designed with numerous programming languages, tools, and libraries to help developers build different applications., various implementation is available to make the developing job easier. Every available implementation in this platform allows executing the programs on different platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and other operating systems for both desktop and mobile. 

Dot Net framework

It supports services, websites, desktop applications, and many other things on the Windows platform. It is the original implementation of Microsoft. 

Dot Net Core

It is the improvised version of the dot net framework, where it supports the cross-platform implementation. The earlier version used to work only on the Windows operating system, but with .Net core, the developer can run the services, console applications, websites on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It is available as an open-source platform on GitHub. 


These days every business has to have a mobile application to compete in the modern Apps world. Hence this version allows the developers to build applications on major mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. 

The .Net standard is one of the Dot Net framework’s critical components that facilitates the developers to use the same code across the platforms. The ASP dot net is also gaining demand these days, and many are looking to complete Asp net certification online free

Asp Net Training Online

Advantages of the Dot Net Framework


The dot net framework assists you in developing high-quality apps quickly. The generics, LINQ or Language Integrated Query, and asynchronous programming help to become more productive. It also comes with extensive class library support, APIs, powerful tools, and multi-language support makes the programming work most productive. 

Supports any platform and any app

If you are familiar with .Net, you can easily target any application type on any platform. The best advantage of this platform is that you can reuse the code and skills across all the platforms, reducing the time required to code separately for each platform. The applications are running on Android, iOS, Windows to large-scale Enterprise server applications on Windows server, Linux, or microservices running in the cloud. Hence it covers all aspects, and it is the perfect solution for you. 

High Performance

The dot net platform is high-speed. Hence, you can see an excellent response time by using less computing power. A small delay in the loading time can make a lot of difference in converting the visitors into your customer. By using just nine servers, .net can give you 5.3 million-page views in a day. Even after comparing it with other competitors, it outperforms the others. 


Security is becoming a significant concern these days. It brings immediate benefits when it comes to safety with its managed runtime. The bad pointer manipulation, malicious attempts to change the compiled code, etc. can be prevented using its services collection. With every update, Microsoft brings a more secure platform.  

Dot Net Certification Course Online


One of the main reasons why Microsoft .net training courses are gaining popularity is because of the open-source availability. Thus, anyone can download this platform and use it with ease. The large community is also one of the great benefits for you. It helps to bring out more frequent updates and many unique features. 

Big Ecosystem

The extensive collection of libraries from Visual Studio Marketplace and NuGet package manager helps to leverage the ecosystem. You can also get support from the broad community, Microsoft support organization, and its MVPs. If a developer makes use of this ecosystem, the development of versatile applications is possible. If you also want to take advantage of this, you can complete the Net Certification course online and implement it.

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