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Why Learn Visual Basic dot net for Advanced Level Expertise?

Visual Basic.NET, also called VB.NET, is a highly versatile computer programming language. Developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows, this programming language supports the .NET framework that also supports several other programming languages, including C#, J#, C++, and so on. The framework is so popular because of its flexibility and versatility in creating a range of Windows, Office, Mobile, and Web applications. 

Features and functions of VB.Net 

VB.Net supports object-oriented programming features, such as encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction, and polymorphism. 

  • It is not case sensitive similar to other languages e.g. Java and C++
  • Since it is object-oriented, it considers everything as objects
  • Automated garbage collection
  • Improved object browser, XML designer, automated code formatting
  • It supports Boolean conditions for the purpose of decision making
  • Standard library
  • Simple genetics
  • Events management
  • Simple multithreading that gives your apps the ability to handle several tasks simultaneously
  • Windows forms to inherit your own form from an existing one
  • Attributes that are tagged to provide further information about elements that have been defined in a program 
  • References to reference external objects that you will use in VB.NET applications 

Benefits of Learning VB.NET

  • You will be able to format your codes automatically
  • You can use object-oriented programs to develop enterprise-class codes
  • You can develop modern web applications, such as file systems, event logs, and performance counters
  • You will be able to easily create web forms with the designer’s visual forms and have the drag and drop feature for replacing any elements you will need
  • You can integrate your own application to other applications that have been developed in programming languages that run on .NET
  • You will have good applications in your arsenal for web development purposes, including docking, in-place menu editor, and automated control anchoring 

Negatives of VB.NET

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  • You cannot directly handle pointers with VB.NET that is inconvenient because pointers are commonly used for programming
  • More coding may require more CPU cycles that will result in more processing time; making your application slow 
  • Since this computer programming language is easy to grasp for anyone, you may not be able to land a job as a programmer

Learn Visual Basic dot net for advanced level – What This Course Will Teach You

With this course, you will learn how to make good use of the advanced VB.NET for creating both Windows games and applications. It is designed for students who are interested to learn how web applications and games are made. It will design the program’s flowchart at an advanced level and explain how you should convert that flowchart to a programming code. 

You will get to learn the following –

  • The video course will describe the VB.NET statement, variables, and various types of controls
  • How to use branches the simplest way
  • How to create a simple and easy database application
  • How to develop connect 4 game
  • How to use animations on applications and games 
  • Different tricks on using VB.NET

In short, when done with the course, you will have a clear idea about how to use database programming for turning your ideas into reality in the form of web applications and games. This will be your gateway to develop advanced game applications in near future.  

Who Should Give It a Try

  • Anyone interested to learn what programming is
  • Anyone eager to create both Windows games and applications
  • Anyone interested in programming, computers, and games
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