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Top 15 Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

As of today, Salesforce as a company is the topmost CRM service provider in the world. The company has over 40% market share of the overall CRM space. This is since many companies and businesses are beginning to adopt salesforce software for the effective management of their clients; this development, among others, has motivated several individuals to seek job opportunities in the salesforce industry. After you might have applied for a salesforce job and your application is considered, the next thing is to undergo an interview process by the company’s human resources management. You need to be aware of the numerous kinds of questions you can ask in the interview so that you are not found unprepared.

Regardless of whether you have done a Salesforce CRM training or Salesforce training certification, you won’t be considered for the job if you fail the job interview. In this article, we would be learning the top Salesforce interview questions and answers that you need to prepare for to pass your interview and win the job successfully.  

  1. How can you define Salesforce?

Salesforce is a highly efficient software product that is developed with the sole purpose of aiding and fast-tracking customer relationships and management. It is a software-as-a-service-based product that is also cost-effective.

  1. Define a  Salesforce custom object

Salesforce custom objects describe database tables that store personalized company information in 

  1. What are the advantages of the custom object to the user?

The custom object enables users to compare clients records to one another, create personalized fields, monitor tasks and events, design a customized tab for the custom object, create page layouts, design, develop reports along with dashboards, share personalized apps, personalized accounts, personalized things, and other correlated components

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  1. Define Self-Relationship

Self-Relationship refers to a kind of seek-out relationship in which an object is linked to another object. You can easily compare one object to another related to it. Self-Relationship enables users to relationships among different objects.

  1. Define the Object Relationship Overview

Object Relationship overview is applied in Salesforce to connect personalized object records to standard object records in the related list. This ensures the ease of tracking product errors in relatable customer cases. Salesforce enables users to develop various types of relationships by creating personalized relationship platforms on an object.

  1. What is the benefit of SaaS to Salesforce?

SaaS provides clients users with the option to renew or discontinue usage of the program at any time without being penalized. It enables users to refrain from substantial fundamental startup fees. SaaS utilizes a crude internet interface that is backed up by easy integration.

  1. What is the Trigger?

Trigger refers to the code that is carried out following the updating of the record or before the record is inserted.

  1. What are the benefits of static resources in Salesforce?

Salesforce static resource allows users to upload Jar files, images, zip files, CSS files, and JavaScript, which are all accessible on the Visualforce page. Static resources in Salesforce can have a maximum size of 250 MB.

  1. Distinguish between Trigger and Workflow? 

Workflow is a computerized process that supports action by using specific criteria known as rule criteria and evaluation criteria. While Trigger is a code that is usually executed on or after a regulation has been inserted.

  1.   What are Governor Limits in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, the governor limit is used to determine the total amount of data stored in the joint database; this is because Salesforce uses a solitary database to store multiple customer’s data. Governor limits help to ensure that no individual client dominates the shared resources.

  1.  Mention the various types of data that a standard field record name can have

A traditional field record name is limited to 80 chars and can have either

  1.  auto number data type or
  2.  Text-field data type.

While creating auto numbers, you need to specify the format used, after which the number is generated automatically. Examples include Sr No-{1}, Sr No-{2}, Sr No-{3}.

  1. Why do we have different domains to serve Visualforce pages?

Visualforce pages are often prepared from a different domain to enhance the standard of security as well as block mixed-site scripting.

  1.  What is the function of a bucket field in reports?

A bucket field enables you to categorize related records together by ranges and sections without utilizing complex formulas and personalized areas. Bucketing is often used in arranging, grouping, and filtering report data. After developing a bucket field, you need to describe several buckets or groups used to categorize report values.

  1. Distinguish between a dynamic dashboard and a static dashboard? 

A static dashboard is a fundamental type of dashboard accessible to the user after making a report of his or her data. For example, a static dashboard is what a marketing manager will see when he checks his page. On the other hand, a dynamic dashboard is used to display specific information aimed at an individual user. A dynamic dashboard is often used when dealing with a particular user. It is used to show individual data such as case closures, personal sales, quotas, etc.

  1. What is a skinny Table, and what are vital considerations for a Skinny table? 

A skinny table is used in Salesforce to open repeatedly used fields and prevent joins; this process generally helps to enhance performance. Skinny tables are highly efficient such that they are in sync even source tables are altered.

Considerations for a typical skinny table:

  1. A skinny table can only have a maximum of 100 columns.
  2. A skinny table cannot accommodate entries from other objects.
  3. Skinny tables are often copied to your whole sandbox organizations, such as the summer ’15 release.

So far, we’ve looked at the top 15 Salesforce interview questions and answers which you need To familiarize yourself with your following Salesforce job interview. You might not be able to learn about these key interview questions in Salesforce Training, nor will the topic be covered in a Salesforce Certification Training. Hence, you need to ensure that you learn these interview questions and answers in addition to your training course.

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