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What are the Best Agile Methodologies in 2021

The idea of software development has expanded with time. Before the methods and processes involved weren’t so complex, and developers had many problems getting enough tools for their tasks. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are numerous tools available for this task now. Software development currently consists of a lot of processes such as designing, conception, testing, etc. To effectively handle these tasks, different methodologies are in use today. One of such is Agile. Perhaps, you are eager to understand how this word is applied in the tech world. While getting an Agile and Scrum certification or Agile certification online would be the best option, you need a basic idea about the concept. In this article, you get to know all you want about this Agile and its best methodologies in 2021. Here we go.

What is Agile?

From the English meaning we are all conversant about, Agile means to be active or hyper in an activity. Agile in software development refers to a complete set of methodologies used in software development for optimization. It is also imperative to know that Agile isn’t a tool used in the development process. Now, we can conclude that programmers use Agile to effectively develop software and deliver it in a quicker and more optimized way. Now, programmers are enrolling for the Agile certification online courses to get accustomed to this methodology.

There are different methodologies of Agile. Delving slightly to the benefits, Agile has proven to be one of the best in the field. Asides from the faster delivery feature it gives, Agile presents the processes in a transparent way. The software development process can be pretty overwhelming when there is a failure. However, it even becomes more complicated when the faulty area is not found. Now to the methodologies. 

  1. Kanban

This is one of the numerous methodologies of Agile in vogue currently. Kanban is a tool that shows a detailed picture of the project in progress, the growth, and the subsequent phases. This is represented and segmented on the Kanban board in three columns; ‘To Do, Doing and Done.’ Kanban is very effective because it allows the project managers to track their work and monitor the development to avoid errors in the final stage. 

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  1. Scrum 

Scrum is another methodology in Agile. It is the most common and always seen as the best of the methodologies. Agile and Scrum certification holders have a more specific way of explaining this though, but you can always join the list of professionals by taking an Agile certification course. Looking at it, one would think it should have lots of advantages over others. However, Scrum is similar to many other methodologies. For example, Scrum uses a board just like Kanban and segments tasks into columns as well. While the managers can view the projects on the board, Scrum focuses on managing each phase in progress one at a time. One of the advantages of Scrum over its counterparts is other specific project features such as Product Owner and Scrum Master

  1. Feature-Driven Development (FDD) 

Feature- Driven Development is an Agile methodology that is more suitable for projects with advanced design and planning. Projects on FDD methodology need developing of new software models every two weeks consisting of design plan and development for the new creations. FDD, unlike Kanban, has more divisions for projects in progress. There are five stages which include developing a general model, creating a list of feature tools, planning each feature, designing and building the features. With these stages, the project managers can effectively monitor and develop advanced software. 

  1. Extreme Programming (XP)

Extreme Programming is more similar to Scrum, and it is also one of the most common methodologies of Agile. Extreme Programming, although used for monitoring software from the initiation to the final stage, has a more specific goal that centers around the non-stop development process and gives a satisfying result for the customers. These two areas are very germane in the development process because it defines its entirety. Extreme Programming is also similar to Scrum as it segments the processes, however, it has 12 stages involved. This is even more detailed than FDD. These stages are game planning, development in bits, customer evaluation tests, creating basic designs, programming in pairs, creation based on the results of the test, refactoring, non-stop integration, general code ownership, developing standards for codes, metaphor stage, and following a continuous pace. 

These stages all treat a specific aspect of software development and this is applaudable. 

  1. Crystal

Crystal is another Agile methodology used in 2021. Before selecting the Crystal methodology, some specifics need to be considered such as the necessities of the software, the number of managing teams, the importance of the project amongst others. Crystal also, like other methodologies, has numerous options which include Crystal Red, Crystal Clear, Crystal Yellow, Crystal Orange, etc. 

  1. Dynamic Systems Development Method

The creation of DSDM in the software development world came up as a result of the need to have a general framework in the industry effectively working to ensure fast delivery. DSDM also focuses on dividing the project development stages into eight which include focusing on the specific need, timely delivery, quality production, teamwork, incorporation of business goals and values, effective communication till development ends, needed control, and iterative development. 

One of the mistaken methodologies of Agile is LEAN. While many think it is an Agile methodology, Lean is a whole framework on its own. Although similar to Agile in many ways, Lean has its distinct features and uses seven core principles in delivering effective software development. Were you in this class too? You can always get more information and understanding on Agile by getting an Agile certification. More specifically, you can enroll for Agile certification online courses as well.

Wrapping up

Agile methodologies have become one of the common frameworks in project managing today. As a developer or project manager, you can always make use of any Agile tool in monitoring the growth of the project. Agile certification is another way many individuals have connected with new technology and as a growing field, many more are expected.

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