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What Does a Salesforce Admin Do and Why Do You Need One?

Business organizations across the world rely on platforms designed for customer relationship management to keep their business running. An example of a reliable customer relationship management platform is “Salesforce”. Just like every other platform, salesforce requires an administrator whose main role is to create an important bridge between business goals and technology advancements. Salesforce admins are specialists when it comes to providing business solutions. This is a major reason why they are in high demand across the world. 

An individual must acquire salesforce training so as to know how to manage the platform and get the best out of the technology behind its operation. They can also earn credible salesforce admin credentials through salesforce online training. However, as an organization looking to employ a salesforce administrator, there are vital things you need to know such as what a salesforce admin does and why you need one in your organization. 

Who is a Salesforce Admin?

A “Salesforce Administrator” is a professional that has an in-depth knowledge of how salesforce platforms work and is responsible for defining system requirements that will make salesforce platforms useful for achieving business goals and targets. Salesforce admins work with business stakeholders in an organization to customize the platform in the best possible way. 

Therefore, most companies value the role of salesforce admin because they will not only help in customizing the platform, they will also help organizations in managing the platform to make it user-friendly and keep it updated with the latest tools and technology. This in turn will make users of a salesforce acquainted with all the functionalities the platform has to offer.  

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An individual can enroll in salesforce admin certification training to get the required skills and knowledge needed to be a trusted advisor on salesforce-related issues in an organization. This job is highly lucrative because salesforce admins are in high demand in the business world. 

Basic Roles of a Salesforce Administrator 

The salesforce platform will impact the business positively if organizations maximize their potential. A good way to maximize the potential of a salesforce platform is to employ professionals with salesforce admin certification training. This will give organizations a level of assurance that the functionalities of the salesforce platform are being used to the fullest. 

That said, it is important to know the role of a salesforce admin in an organization. Salesforce admins are responsible for a series of tasks that will be highlighted for better understanding. 

The basic roles of a salesforce administrator include; 

  • Salesforce Admin Sets Up Personalized Dashboards:

A salesforce admin understands how the salesforce platform works more than any professional. So, they use their in-depth knowledge of how the platform works to assist the sales team in an organization to set up personalized dashboards. This will help in reducing the sales cycle by tracking business opportunities and tracking leads that can help close deals effectively. 

  • Salesforce Admin Runs Database Maintenance:

A salesforce admin is responsible for running database maintenance by running a series of tests and reports to ensure a functioning database. They add new users and modify existing accounts on the salesforce database. They also inspect user profiles to ensure system permissions. 

  • Salesforce Admin Handles Data Cleaning:

Data cleaning in salesforce involves the elimination of duplicate contacts and accounts on the salesforce platform. So, a salesforce admin gets this done by using import wizards to import user data and update them. This role is important to clean up data that are no longer useful. 

  • Salesforce Admin Import New Leads and Contacts:

A salesforce admin is responsible for overseeing the importation of new leads and contacts. This task is carried out on a daily basis by developing a standard operating procedure that involves detailed market research. This is mostly applied in big organizations. 

  • Salesforce Admin Oversees Customization and Development:

Overseeing salesforce platform customization and development is some of the most important roles that a salesforce admin offers an organization. This involves modifying page layouts, adding picklist values, resetting passwords, and creating mapping rules on the platform. 

  • Salesforce Admin Creates Reports from Stored Data: 

A salesforce admin with salesforce training is responsible for creating reports from stored data on the salesforce database with the aim of providing useful information. The useful information provided by a salesforce admin is then used by business stakeholders for decision-making. 

Why Do You Need a Salesforce Admin?

As seen from the basic roles of a salesforce admin, you can tell that salesforce admins wear many hats when it comes to managing the salesforce platform for the benefit of users and organizations at large. However, most organizations will still ask the burning question; 

Why do they need a salesforce admin? Every organization needs a salesforce admin because; 

  • Salesforce admin is a problem solver who offers effective business solutions 
  • Salesforce admin is a process creator who helps with processes optimization 
  • Salesforce admin is a consultant that offers advice on how to use the platform 
  • Salesforce admin helps companies in scaling salesforce administration of users 
  • Salesforce admin helps with data analysis by offering quality salesforce data migration
  • Salesforce admin is a trainer who trains sales, customer service, and operation teams 

Salesforce admin offers many benefits, making them essential for every business organization. 


There are a series of salesforce functionalities that can be handled by a salesforce admin. Organizations don’t have to hire software developers to get certain things done since some of the functionalities do not require writing codes. A salesforce admin will instead use their knowledge of how the salesforce platform works to promote productivity and efficiency. 

A salesforce admin with salesforce admin certification training will not only carry out basic salesforce requirements but also provide creative business solutions. This is why salesforce admins can work in management and consulting, making them highly sought after. The career prospects for a salesforce admin are endless because there are many opportunities available. This is a good career path for every business professional willing to learn. So, you can start by enrolling in salesforce admin certification training to supplement your current role. 

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