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ETL Online Training | ETL testing training | ETL - Data Warehouse

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ETL Testing
Online Training Course Catalog

ETL Testing Online Training by Real Time Experts

ETL- Extract, Load, Transform – as the name implies is all the processes and technologies that revolve around finding the data, formatting it as needed and loading it to the relevant database systems for retrieval and usage. Data’s importance and its key role in the current day’s market is no secret. It is extremely important more than before to make sure that the ETL processes around the data are reliable, accurate and productive in order to ensure that the Business intelligence and data warehouse systems are everything they are supposed to be.

ETL Testers are on constant demand in the industry. However, for ETL testers not only is it a challenging and lucrative position- it is a role that comes with lots of responsibility and need for expertise.

Our course can help you gain that expertise from experienced and passionate teachers.

ETL testing includes the following in various capacities:

  • First and foremost- is the data, its structure and the process around it beneficial and in accordance to the business functionality?
  • The accuracy of the current ETL processes.
  • Database Migration in case of DB expansions or conversion from and to different versions
  • Report generation, analysis and interpretation
  • Monitoring of the DB functions to make sure if everything is as it should be

Our course is designed to make your ETL testing career aspirations a reality. The following are some of the key features of the class:

  • As always, our teachers come with lots of experience in the field. This will make sure you not only get the theoretical foundation but real time expertise on how to handle various business situations, domains etc. You are free to ask your questions during class or after via email or chat.
  • The Live teacher led online classes are designed in a way that they are not just theoretical power point presentations accompanied by the teacher’s monologue. The classes are practical, discussion based that promote active participation by the students.
  • The class videos are also available for review later so it makes it amenable for easy revision.
  • A strong foundation on data base concepts and SQL are crucial for a successful career in ETL testing. Our course starts there. It works in a seamless fashion to make sure that we progress meaningfully into advanced concepts.
  • Resume, job and interview guidance is available for our students.

Student Speak:

He is a very Excellent knowledgeable Instructor and he is very patient when answering our questions. I really like this way of Teaching. I have a very confident to work in QA. Thank you H2K Team.

- Subathra
ETL Testing Training with Unlimited Mock Interviews
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  • Instructor
  • Videos
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Topic wise ETL Testing Course Details:

Module Topic
Module - 1 Introduction to Data ware house, purpose of dwh with examples
DWH Architecture
OLTP System vs OLAP System
What is a fact table?
What is a dimension table?
Fact vs. Dimension
What is star schema?
What is snow flake schema?
Module - 2 DWH Tools (different types of dwh tools)
Types of data bases used in ETL testing
explaining about data mapping document
Testing tools used for ETL testing
Module - 3 Explaining Informatica Tool (Mapping Designer, Work flow Manager,Work Flow Monitor
Different types of transformations used in ETLs and uses of these transformation
Process flow in ETL Testing
Module - 4 Writing test cases for mapping documents
UNIX Commands used
Module - 5 Installation of Informatica Power Center explanation in PowerPoint
How we will be planning ETL testing, explain how to generate testing reports
Will explain total SDLC of ETL testing
Will show some informatica mapping already development and explain how to trouble shoot them

Download ETL Testing Course Materials:

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Mrs. Durga: Masters in Computers and QTP and ISTQB certified

ETL Testing Course Videos: