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Thank you for all the support to our team and project. Your training helped  a lot to move forward quickly. Thanks a lot

Manager, McKesson

SAP class was simply excellent! Thank you! You were just too good!!!
I'm glad I attended your training classes. It seems pretty simple and  interesting now. I want to start practicing on it. After I'm done with, may be I'll ask for any help I need. Your teaching techniques are easy to understand, help to build more confidence to work on real time projects.


Hi H2K Infosys Team,
Thank you for providing me training. After I took training from you and worked on few projects as per your guidance and Now I settled as software QA analyst. When I joined your training, I am new to IT field, at present I am IT pro and  helping my co workers who have been working from a while. I owe a lot to H2K Infosys. I pray god every day to grow H2K Infosys. Good Luck.


To be frank I was very satisfied with your training for what I have paid, And Thats why I keep telling my friends about your training center ,when they ask me ,I will do so in the present and in future also. Since I liked your training class I tell my friends and I want them also to be benefited like me. And one more thing is that u give us chances to attend the classes n number of times which is hard to find in other training centers, through that way we learn different things and concepts, through different teaching staffs. At times u also gives importance to our decisions and conveniences which is really great. Whoever asks me for sure I will say your training center only at present and in future also. I have heard many of training centers through my friends and I feel urs is good in some way or the other. Good work.

Thank you,

Again I'm really pleased with the course, told someone in my company how great it is; and now she's interested in taking the course as well.

Thank you,

COURSES > LoadRunner - Basic


LoadRunner is an automated load testing tool that allows you to test the performance/load of the application before, during, and after deployment. This course is designed to give you a foundation in load testing tasks. The LoadRunner Virtual User Generator (VUGen), Controller and Analysis (Report tool) will be covered in this course. You will create VUGen script to create scenarios and run load test scenarios using the Controller. The Analysis is used to analyze load test results. You will learn to work with the graphs to display data after a test is run. All topics are supported by hands-on labs designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to load test the system using LoadRunner. You also practice on the Loadrunner to get hands on experience.


Loadrunner Basic course details.
LoadRunner Installation.
What are the different types of testing in Performance Testing? Like Stress Testing, Load Testing, Volume testing etc.
Planning an Effective Load Test
How to write test plan includes what are the functionalities needs to test to improve the Performance of the application, etc
Introduction to Virtual User Generator. Types of protocols (HTML, Windows Socket, Java, SAP etc..), How to generate the scripts in VUGen ( Record & Playback).
What kind of options to select and why when you record the script in VUGen?
What is Correlation and How to do?
What is Parameterization? And how to parameterize the script?
Think time.
Rendezvous point
After successfully developed the script in VUGen,
How to schedule the scenario in Controller, with ramp up , ramp down etc..
How to execute the scenario in Controller.
After successfully executed the script analyze the results.
How to generate the reports using analyzer tool.
After generating the report, how to analyze the report.