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10 automation projects for beginners

Automation testing for beginners can be quite difficult since you’re yet to get used to the processes. But, worry no more cos this article will discuss the important projects you should jump on before competing your quality assurance online course. Let’s move right to it. 

  1. Web Scraping

This is one of the top automation projects for you as an automation testing beginner is web scraping. This is one of the common activities of data scientists and analysts that allows them to extract useful information online (websites and web applications). This extracted data will then be stored on computer or local files. To do this perfectly, you need to have a good understanding of the Python language. Not to worry, there are tons of Python libraries that discuss this extensively. A good example is Beautiful Soup. It contains resources that work for the HTML scraping process. 

  1. Chatbots

Today, almost all businesses use chatbots to respond to their customers in a timely manner. They are often created using Natural Language Processing. Interestingly, chatbots now offer more services than before. A good example is chabot now offering voice responses instead of texts alone. Just like web scraping, they are created and run using Python language. 

  1. Machine Learning 

Here’s yet another automation project for you to try out. Machine Learning today has become a very wide niche in the tech world that involves a lot of activities and projects. In machine learning, projects are powered by Python in developing models and other instructive algorithms. 

  1. Automated emails and texts

Do you know you can always send scheduled automated emails and texts using your knowledge of Python and automation testing. Now that you know, take it up as a practice project to upskill your knowledge in the field. This way, you’re building on what you already have and becoming an expert gradually. 

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On the other hand, it’s one of the best ways to simplify working on technical projects and motivates the team of experts too. 

  1. Spreadsheets updating

Another project you should come up with is automatic updates of spreadsheets. Excel spreadsheets are commonly used in the world today to store large amount of data and keep track of them. As useful as this tool is, you’d agree that it can be quite overwhelming working with large amount of data manually. That’swhy most automation testers prefer the use of programming language. 

  1. Web browser automation

This is another top automation project you need to carry out at the early stage of your testing career. Web browser automation ensures you have the perfect knowledge to interact with different pages of web applications seamlessly. Specifically, it should cover how to find element locators, file upload widgets, frames, checkboxes, etc.

  1. Different programming languages

Well, most narrative will tell you to focus on one programming language for your automation testing projects now and later. This is more preferred because of it’s simplicity, but you need more than one language. One of the reasons why this should be adopted by you is to increase your chances of getting more jobs. 

Not only with programming languages, you need to be vast with how to use different automation tools too. This may be quite difficult initially, but it’s for the greater good. 

  1. Performance testing

Although, many would argue against the relevance of this, you need to add this to your portfolio. Performance testing is an activity that checks the effectiveness of the software on both web and mobile applications, ensuring they are good and free from lapses. With this skill, you’ll be sure about the projects you handle without worrying about any errors. 

  1. Accessibility automation

Here’s another project you should work with as a beginner to increase your hiring chances. Accessibility has always been a bone of contention amongst many especially for the disable people. In fact, some of these individuals sue a website cos of denied access. A good way to step in here is by showing your skills in carrying out accessibility automation. The best part is that it’s quite simple and follows almost the same process with other automation processes. 

  1. Mobile automation

the last project we’ll be sharing in this article is mobile automation. This is an essential one for you as an upcoming automation tester. If you’re wondering why, today, lots of my mobile applications are used on their phones. It’s better to undertake more than one automation testing process. 


In this article, we have discussed the best projects you should work with as a beginner in the field taking a quality assurance class. Now, it’s your time to take action of what you’ve learned. Good luck.

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