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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cybersecurity

Every person with a computer system and access to an internet connection must have heard of cybersecurity. But not everyone has full knowledge of what cybersecurity entails. A known fact remains that hackers are here to stay; which means the need for cybersecurity stays too.  

Cybersecurity is much more than a matter of IT; there are certain facts you don’t know about it. For many, cybersecurity is all about preventing cybercriminals from attacking online databases. For others, their in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity stems from cyber security online courses

Despite the knowledge gathered from acquiring cyber security certification, there are still some hidden facts beyond people’s knowledge. While it’s important to learn cyber security, it is also necessary to dig deep for facts you didn’t know existed. In a world where internet fraudsters are relentless in their pursuit to breach encrypted data and steal from people; it is important to know all the facts about the preventive measure known as cybersecurity. 

Here are 10 facts you didn’t know about cybersecurity 

  1. Social Media is a Goldmine for Cyber Attackers 

The knock-on effect of a security breach can be devastating for any company or organization. Hackers now target social media accounts (both personal and official) in order to breach their databases for secret information. Since everyone uses social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; the user engagements on these platforms keep increasing by the day. Due to this, hackers are now sharing harmful malware that will put social media users at risk. 

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  1. Multi-factor Authentication is a Life Saver  

Studies have shown that the use of multi-factor authentication is a highly effective cybersecurity strategy. A good password is not enough to protect your data, emails, and online profiles. Multi-factor authentication offers an extra layer of security that supersedes a normal login process. 

To prevent malicious attacks, this technology ensures that an account owner must verify each login attempt to an online service. This process requires inputting a verification code to authorize the login. Types of multifactor authentication include; a one-time password, push notification, SMS/Email code, and two-factor token. You should learn cyber security strategies like multi-factor authentication. 

  1. Security Breach Causes 3-Days Company Downtime 

A fact you didn’t know about is that companies hit with ransomware attacks will experience 3 days of downtime. This shows the extent to which malicious attacks can affect company operations. The company’s workforce will be seriously affected, which can then lead to financial losses. 

  1. The Global Pandemic Has Increased Cybercrime by 300%

Statistics have shown that the rate of cybercrime has increased by 300% since the global pandemic. This cause can be traced to the fact that more employees are now working from home. With the increase in remote work, less attention is paid to security protocols. This is a pandemic fallout that needs to be addressed. Hence, more people should learn cyber security guidelines. 

  1. Business Organizations Lack Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan  

Research from a cyber security certification study has revealed that most business organizations do not have a formal cybersecurity incident response plan. They don’t have strategies put in place to mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks. This is why an organization might take an average of 280 days to contain a data breach. Every organization needs enterprise-level security to battle cyber threats. Furthermore, having a cyberattack recovery plan will help organizations restore lost data. 

  1. Advanced Threat Protection is Highly Effective  

Advanced Threat Protection is an effective strategy in cybersecurity. No matter the size of your business, it is vital to have advanced threat protection for every aspect of your business. This includes subscribing to cloud base services, covering endpoints, and offering advanced cybersecurity training simulations. Relevant cyber security online courses are needed here. 

  1. Ransomware Damages Will Skyrocket in 2022

The danger of security breaches has been predicted to skyrocket by the end of 2022. The damages are expected to hit $25-Billion by that time, if not more. Knowing this fact about cybersecurity is a forward step to implementing security plans that will prevent that occurrence. 

  1. A New Cyber Attack Occurs Every 39 Seconds 

A hidden fact about cybersecurity is that a new cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds. This means that an average of 2250 attacks occur each day. A chunk of this attack has been traced to fraudsters using scripts to guess login credentials on different websites. 

  1. Health Care Sector is the Most Hit by Data Breaches 

Due to the global pandemic and challenges faced by the health care sector, hackers are taking advantage of the situation to hit it hard. As of 2020, data breaches in the sector increased by 58%, leading to a massive loss in revenue. If you work in this sector, you can render support by getting a cyber security certification that will equip you to fight these hackers. 

  1. Data Breaches Cost More in the United States

Finally, a hidden fact you didn’t know about cybersecurity is that data breaches cost more in the United States. Due to the high rate of cyber attacks in the country, many citizens have turned to acquiring cyber security certifications that will help limit the rate of attacks. As of 2020, an average attack costs around $8.64 million because it causes disruptions to business operations. 


It’s a good thing to have the internet for connection and sharing of data. While this offers a great benefit, we need to understand that there are risks associated with this development. This includes data theft, information leaks, and security breaches. Cyber security is a culture you need to explore, but you can only do that with a full understanding of the hidden facts. 

You should learn the cyber security approach needed to prevent ransomware attacks. You also need to understand what you’re up against through facts. So, we believe the facts listed here will help you.   

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