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10 Software productivity tools

The main software productivity tools are

1.Stack overflow

Stack overflow is a place for programmers to learn, engage and also advance their software development careers. Here both beginners and experienced practitioners will use this forum to know the answers to their technical queries and doubts. It boasts of a big online community of 50 million developers. This half of these active monthly users are professionals and university students. This company’s 2020 survey highlights the usage is exceptionally high among profiles like a back-end developers, front-end developers, full stack developers, Devops  specialists, mobile developers and also database administrators.


Git is also considered as free version of control system that will allows developers to handle their projects with any efficiency and also speed. This tools is an open source distributed system and easy to learn,It is widely used even among the beginners in the software engineering space.when a developer has to regularly alter the code, keeping track of the changes which can seem like an added burden. Here the Git will show how useful as it saves all the changes upto the last version.


For software engineers Feedly is an integral part to keep the latest trends and also technologies in the domain. They also follow many authors and tech blogs. This current age of information will overload, it can be a quite challenging to choose what  has to be read. Organisational tools like Feedly play an significant role in making sure that we do not miss out an content that will provide interest us. We can use Feedly to create a list of all the favourite publications, youtube channels and also blogs.


Slack tool is a communication platform developed by Apiumhub team members. It is a trending tool for software engineers, allowing them to share information, interact with all the project collaborators and get the things done.Slack enables the creation of chat rooms that is based on the topics, privacy settings and direct messaging. It is touted to be more secure than email for sharing files and documents. We can assign tasks,set reminders and check things off your list. Slack allows us for common channel for everyone, along with separate channels for other purposes. For instance, we can have group chat which is employees and another channel only the developers. If a particular sub group is interested in blockchain or cloud technologies, we can have a free-standing chat.

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Confluence is called as web based tool in team collaboration and also contribution. Built by Atlassian and also written in java programming language, it works with most databases. It always highlights shared workspaces where the software engineers can project ideas, product teams requirements and software documentation.


Trello tool is one of the most sought –after project management tools for software engineers. This is an kanban style application that represents projects in the form of boards and also lists. Every list has movable cards with a drag and drop functionality.We can perform the following tasks with Trello

Like setting due dates, prepare checklists, Add attachments, Insert coloured labels.


Code Project is an greatest learning community for the software engineers. It offers free source code and tutorials on the web development, software development, programming languages like C++, Java. We can also find the relevant information by the articles, project ideas and also resources.

8.Sublime Text

Sublime Text is considered as a cross platform text editor with an python API. It supports most of the programming and mark up languages and also allows functions by the user through the plugins. The sublime Text, that can open files and go between the lines easily. It also boosts developers convenience through short-cut functionalities by multiple selections.

9.Pivotal tracker

Pivotal tracker supports software project managers to collaborate in the real time by prioritised backlogs.Tracker will divide the project into an manageable parts and also lets us to visualise them as stories and virtual cards.


Asana is a job management tool that organisations will generally use to track the progress of remote and also distributed teams.It presents many different opportunities to plan, share, organise and monitor work assignments. We can create a workspace and will be divided into many groups. Each task would have a notes, attachments, tags and comments.


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