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5 Best Selenium Books for Beginners

Learning how to use automation testing tools such as Selenium has become critically important as companies are manually moving away from manual testing tools. There are lots of free selenium certification courses which give practical knowledge of Selenium. However, the place of books still remains critical in your learning curve. 

Books ultimately give you a rounded understanding of fundamental subjects and allow you to spend time on theories as well as their practical application. While some of their use cases, may not be the latest in the industry, the fundamental concepts are still applied today

If you are looking for the best selenium books as a beginner, this article will review 5 top-rated Selenium books that can aid your learning process.  

Let’s get started. 

1. Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook (Second Edition)

The Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook authored by Unmesh Gundecha explains the use of Selenium tools for automation testing from the basic to the advanced aspect. The book, although basically for beginners, will serve you throughout your automation testing levels because it deals with every aspect including the WebDriver API. 

To further aid your understanding and learning process, the Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook shows a pictorial example of the testing procedure you have learned during the selenium-free certification course. Also, the book explains the use of three programming languages for the testing process and this makes it easy to relate regardless of the preferred language.

In summary, the book is an effective study method for Selenium testers, especially beginners. 

2. Test Automation using Selenium Web driver with Java: Step by Step Guide

Here’s another book to get a step-by-step guide to learning more about Selenium during your Selenium Training and Placement in the USA.

The book was written by Navneesh Garg, one of the popular writers and experts of Test Automation. This book gives a guide to using Selenium and Webdriver API while focusing on Java Programming language. As a beginner that’s trying to focus on one language such as Java, sticking to this Test Automation book by Garg is a perfect option for you. This is because it simplifies the process of installing and working the Selenium tool. 

3. Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide

In this book, Satya Avasarala using previous experience creating Java codes and testing software tools automatically explains the use of Selenium for beginners. The book is a simplified one for beginners with no prior knowledge of coding languages and automation testing. 

The best part of reading this book is the series of solutions it gives to problems you may enjoy tee during your automation testing process. This is one important area to focus on especially as a beginner trying to become an expert in the field. Also, there are pictorially represented stations for each step to ease the practical implementation of the theories. 

4. Mastering Selenium WebDriver 

Mark Collins, the author of this book has recorded a long-term experience working with the software. With his career starting in 2001, Mark Collins tries to reach out to beginners working with Selenium 3.0 in his book. One of the major areas the book explains in detail is how to create your Selenium framework with Maven. No doubt, this process comes with its challenges, so while learning the creation methods, you get to read about the potential problems and their solutions. 

The book further moves to show the step-by-step pictures of the processes involved in creating codes and testing software tools. As a beginner, you can decide to get this book especially if you want to get a good understanding of software and become an expert in this niche. 

5. Selenium Framework Design in Data-Driven Testing: Build data-driven test frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, AppiumDriver, Java, and TestNG

This is another book suitable for beginners for Selenium Automation Testing. This book focuses on the Selenium testing tool and also explains the use of WebDriver API, Java and TestNG. Reading this, you’ll be able to create a data-driven framework for automation testing using Selenium. 

While practising during your Selenium Training and Placement in USA, you’ll easily understand the use of Selenium and other tools with this book.


In this article, you have seen 5 of the best Selenium books for beginners. Selenium tool is one of the most popular in the automation testing field. Due to this, you should endeavor to learn about its use as a beginner in automation testing. Learning is a gradual process that requires acquiring lots of knowledge through learning and reading. You can select the best book related to your preference and begin the journey. 

Do enjoy the reading process.

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