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5 Reasons You Need to Become CBAP Certified

An organization needs to reach the market and its existing customers. While some of you may say that the bridge to make that possible is marketing, the others who have a bit more experience and knowledge regarding how a business works will agree that it is partly true; when marketing works as the bridge between an organization’s products and its customers, business analysis works as the ropes and tools that hold the bridge steady. 

In other words, a business analyst is required for improving business processes, products, services, and software through data analysis. Moreover, any external change that may affect the organization is foreseen and managed with the help of business analysis. Thus, it is safe to say that every organization requires a business analyst, making it one of the careers with a wide scope. 

Having said that, with business analysis being an essential component of every organization, the barriers to entry that come along with the same can not be overlooked. One way to prove your reliability in the industry is by becoming a certified business analyst. Well, an even better way to do so is by becoming a Certified Business Analysis Professional by getting a CBAP certification. Here is why: 

Globally Recognized

As per IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), there were approximately 10,000 CBAP certified professionals in September 2019, worldwide. Well, the statistics speak for itself.

One of the top reasons why we see numerous business analyst enrolling in CBAP online training, and working hard to get the certification, is that it is recognized all over the world at the same degree. Thus, the employability of the certification holder, a.k.a CBAP certified professional, is enhanced immensely in terms of not only quality but quantity also. 

High Paying Jobs

The CBAP certification is not a run-on-the-mill certification mainly because it has rich eligibility criteria. Thus, for the same reason, companies acknowledge that a business analyst, when combined with CBAP certification, is an expert in the industry. 

In recent years, many well-established companies have hired CBAP recipients more than before. Statistically, a CBAP holder earns 13% more than their non-certified peers. Therefore, the CBAP certification cost is said to be yielded ten times folded through the well-paying jobs that are targeted due to the certification. 

Expertise Beyond Analysis

As the certification is attainable only for working professionals who have experience in certain domains for a certain period of time, it shows the CBAP certification holder has expertise in the following aspects: 

  • Planning and monitoring the teams. 
  • Strategy analysis. 
  • Collaboration and elicitation.
  • Various business life cycles. 
  • Design and documentation. 

Higher Chances or Industry Shifting

Many Business Analysts are bound to be working in a certain industry, in most cases, it is because the work experience of an analyst is limited within the specific industry. 

However, getting a CBAP certification certainly helps business analysts with the same. While the CBAP certification supports your credibility and demonstrates your expertise in the area as a Business Analyst, it also opens some new doors to work in different industries. Some of the industries which look for CBAP certified professionals are Healthcare, Information Technology, Finance and Insurance, Government and Public Sector, and many more. 

Leadership Based Career Opportunities 

A CBAP certified professional most certainly possesses a higher chance of acquiring senior job positions in the organization. Around 64% of IIBA certified professionals have approximately 10 years of experience in the field they have been working in. 

Therefore, the CBAP certification solidifies the experience, as well as the expertise of the holder, and helps the certified analyst to work as a leader or other senior job titles. 

While these are some of the highlighted benefits of acquiring the CBAP certification, there are certainly many more depending on the specific business analyst. So, have you enrolled in CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) training yet?

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