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7 New Java Libraries to Learn as a Java Developer

One of the most popular and widely used programming languages is Java. It stands out with its extensive library of features and tools. It is a great choice for professional developers. This is due to its flexibility and high level of security. For beginners, java can be quite overwhelming. 

In this guide, we’ll review the new Java libraries to learn as a Java developer. It will help you get familiar with java library options and help you decide which one to use for your development projects. Enrolling in online java training will also help you learn more about Java libraries. 

Here are some of the new Java libraries to learn as a Java developer in 2022;  

  1. Butterknife 

Butterknife is an annotation-based library used for injecting views into Android components. Java developers can explore this java library by using annotation processing. It simplifies code and will help them generate modified java classes based on the annotations involved. 

Java developers can obtain references to their views with the @Inject annotated fields. The benefit of this new library is that java developers can easily write Activities and Fragments. 

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Also, java developers can clean up call sites with anonymous classes. This is a great library to explore because the latest version requires no dependencies. It integrates with the Entri app. 

  1. Jackson 

Jackson is termed the JSON Parsing Library. This data exchange format is used in modern software development. It offers lightweight functionality and high-level performance. It is one of the best java libraries to learn as a java developer. Thanks to its numerous tools. As a java developer, you can use Jackson to serialize and map java objects to JSON. It implements data-binding annotations and offers additional data format modules. 

You can participate in the java training and placement without having a coding background. 

  1. Log4j 2  

Java’s logging library features the popular Log4j 2 that offers a façade of logging libraries. This logging library offers concrete implementation and helps developers find errors in their codes. 

The java online classes will give you insights into the advanced features of the Logging library. As a java developer, you will have more flexibility to change the logging library with Log4j 2. 

  1. Google Guava

Google Guava offers additional functionalities when building programs. It is the java library for you if you need to work with collections and build APIs. This java library will make development easier for you as a java developer. So, ensure you learn how to integrate it into your workflows. 

Google Guava is an open-source library that contains core java functionalities. So, as a java developer, you should seek more knowledge on how to use Google Guava for development. 

  1. Spring

Spring is more of a java framework that java developers use in building enterprise applications. With a good knowledge of Spring, java developers can inject dependencies into classes. This process is made possible with Inversion of Control (IoC). The online java training is good for learning how to navigate the configuration of external files with Spring. Java developers can easily customize app behavior and also monitor bean life cycles. 

This java library is great for database and web services transactions across different platforms. 

  1. Apache Commons 

Apache Commons is one of Java’s core libraries. This is the java library that guides java developers when writing utility classes during a project. Some of its features include Java Classes, Java Collections, IoT Utilities, Framework Extension, and Mathematics components. 

You can learn more about each of these features with proper java training and placement

Apache Commons is one of the most popularly used java libraries currently. So, do not hesitate to find time to learn this java library. It will help you when writing codes and building web apps. 

  1. JRebel 

Finally, all java developers should learn JRebel. This java library provides java developers with an alternative to reloading codes after each edit. As you’re making changes, it will immediately reflect on running apps without any delay. You don’t have to wait for retests when coding. 

It will improve your workflow and help you make fast adjustments with the right testing tools. 

In all, you should enroll in java online classes to learn more about java’s extensive library.  


Java has a vast core library with loads of features. As a java developer, you need to learn as many java libraries as possible. While you’re at it, it is necessary to learn the latest java libraries on offer. This way, you will gain more knowledge on how to approach software development.

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