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7 Penetration testing open source testing tool

To find out security flaws in an exceedingly network, server, or web application there are many open-source penetration testing tool available. These tools are very vital because they assist us to find the unknown vulnerabilities which cause a security leak in software and networking applications. Vulnerability Assessment and penetration testing tools target the device as if hacker is targeting in within the network.

The list of assorted open source tools:

1.Nets parker

Nets parker are going to be  an efficient vulnerability scanner for web applications which will detect XSS, SQL injection and other vulnerabilities within the web applications and web services automatically. It is available as onsite solution and SAAS solution.

Features of Nets parker

  • By this identification of dead vulnerabilities with advanced proof-based scanning technology.
  • This custom 404 error pages, URL rewrite rules. Which are automatically detected by the scanner.
  • Here REST API for smooth integration with SDLC, systems for monitoring bugs etc.
  • It may be a highly configurable system because it scans 1000 web applications in 1 day.


Acunetix could be a widely popular and fully automated penetration testing tool javascript, HTML5 and single-page applications are appropriately scanned by the Acunetix web application security scanner.

It audits, authenticated, complex web apps and generates management reports and compliance on an outsized large range of a network and also web vulnerabilities which also includes out-of-band vulnerabilities.

The features are

  • It will scan all variants of XSS, Sql injection likewise well as 5000 additional vulnerabilities.
  • It may detect over than 1400 Word Press core, plug-in and other vulnerabilities.
  • It is scalable and also fast because it crawls thousands of pages without interruptions in less time.
  • It is obtainable Onsite similarly as a cloud solution.

3.Indus face

This to find out and monitor SANS top 25 and OWASP top 10 based vulnerabilities, Indus face WAS provides manual penetration testing and automatic scanning.

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Features of Indus face

  • Its crawler scans single-page applications.
  • It contains Pause and Resumes functionality.
  • Automated Scanning and manual Penetration testing reports which can be seen on the identical Dashboard.
  • This has unlimited proof of concept requests as evidence of vulnerabilities identified.
  • Optional WAF integration to supply Zero False positive instant virtual patching.

4.Air crack

Air crack is taken into account as a most famous and extremely very easy to use wireless pen testing tool. It scans and vulnerable wireless connections.

Features are

  • More cards or drivers which are assisted by Air crack.
  • It is accessible on all OS.
  • It gives us support for fragmentation attack also WEP dictionary attack.
  • It is improved tracking speed.

5.Nexpose Rapid 7

Nexpose rapid 7 is employed entirely and more popular vulnerability management tools. It scans and detects vulnerability during a real time.


  • It offers Real-Time view risk
  • This is the sign of progressive and innovative approaches which help the user to secure from attacks.

6. Nessus

Nessus is an scanner where the foremost robust software vulnerabilities identifier. It provides a large zero in a website scanning, sensitive data searches, compliance checks, IPs scans etc and it helps to search out the system’s weak-spots.


  • It provides easy to use and interactive GUI
  • It is a good scanning engine.
  • It also helps in generating vulnerability status report in several formats.
  • It has fast activated and also deactivated combat modules.
  • It will provide a stop and resumes a scan or an attack for the open test.

7. OpenScap

This ecosystem will be an collection of open source tools for implementing and enforcing security content automation protocol which focuses on the continuous monitoring. Vulnerability management and also security policy compliance. The tools will offer automated configuration, vulnerability and patch checking and also continuous  infrastructure evaluation.


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