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7 SAP Automation Testing Tools

SAP – is Software Applications and Products in Data Processing. It provides ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for business.

The SAP automation testing tools are:

  1. Worksoft
7 SAP Automation Testing Tools

Worksoft is a continuous test automation platform for choice for enterprises looking to accelerate the Agile-plus-Devops adoption and also test complex. End-end business processes for SAP and Non-SAP applications. Considered by SAP to test SAP applications, Worksoft will be considered the “gold standard for SAP testing, individually designed to test the SAP testing to verify the businesses process quality the way organisations use them- to meet each client’s objectives.

The key points clients choose to worksoft for SAP

  1. It is proven business-driven approach and customer experience.
  2. It offering full test coverage of the entire SAP family packaged applications.
  3. Code-free solution that may leverage across the user types
  4. It has ability to support Agile-plus-Devops testing practices.
  1. RightData
7 SAP Automation Testing Tools

RightData may self service  SAP data testing tool with  inbuilt  support to the business and technology groups by automating any data quality assurance, data quality and control processes and migration testing.

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The users  to  run and schedule SAP data reconciliation and validation test scenarios  without programming.

Key points that users’ clients choose Right Data

  • It ‘s ability to link the SAP data sources.
  • It makes sure the information that is used for querying.
  • It validates or reconcile data between source and target using RightData’s scenario studio.
  • This technical information reconciliation or bulk comparison between the systems or over the systems in landscape by using RightData’s scenario builder.
  1. Testimony
7 SAP Automation Testing Tools

Testimony is from Basis technologies invents again SAP regression testing. Part of the  Devops and test automation platform engineered particularly for SAP software, it removes test script creation and also maintaining and eliminating the necessary verifying data management.

The devops approach, testimony will accept us to shift left and execute the wonderful regression tests before changes even will reach QA which confirm that frequent, agile delivery of changes quiet may not increase the business risk.

The key point are

  1. It’s to activates delivery innovation, projects, and upgrades and also updates.
  2. It removes manual efforts which automatically create, execute and also updates test cases.
  3. It’ll increase development efficiency by shifting regression testing is left.
  4. It also reduces the worth of testing and liberate functional experts.
  5. It accelerates the Devops for SAP through automated continuous testing.
  1. Qualibrate
7 SAP Automation Testing Tools

Qualibrate is as cloud for SAP test which has power of simplicity, customisation and integration with the foremost CI/CD tools.Test cases are reused and very easily maintainable.

The basic fundamental SAP implementations are coming to stay in demand teams to be organised to manage with the complexities of delivering value into production. Qualibrate characterises a revolutionary approach to deliver SAP programs minimising the prospect and reducing the implementation resources up to 80%.

With an individual and also consistent automation engine that assists entire SAP UI frameworks groups that are making robust and is easier maintainable E2E scenarios.

  1. Leap Work
7 SAP Automation Testing Tools

Leapwork is a no-code test automation tool that takes away difficulty to drive an automation progress over complex IT environments driven by SAP.

The SAP partner, leapwork takes away challenges that supposed to block the SAP automation success of the way for slow test mapping and also difficult collaboration between stakeholders by enabling SAP solution experts and business where the users to manage, build.

  1. Micro Focus(QTP)UFT

This is a QTP automation tool which can be known as UFT we have many popular tools in the market. It supports many environments and SAP is one among them. It will be excellent features and user-friendly quality that can be made a great choice for SAP testing.

  1. eCATT
7 SAP Automation Testing Tools

eCATT is an official software testing tool used to automate test scenarios. ECATTS is developed by SAP. It is used to the SAP UI on Windows and Java platforms. We can say eCATT is the replacement of CATT with many features for new developments.


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