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8 Data security Testing tools

Data Security testing tools will recognise the data vulnerabilities in the application which is under test.

  1. NetSparker
8 Data security Testing tools

It is a security testing tool which scans automatically websites,web applications and web services for vulnerabilities or bugs. It is solo scanner which identifies and validates vulnerabilities with a proof of concept.

The features are:

  • Its Affordable and maintenance free application security solution
  • Fully configurable online vulnerability scanner.
  • Security testing tool which easily integrate web security scanning in SDLC.
  • It always supports enterprise level collaboration.
  1. OWASP
8 Data security Testing tools

This open web application security appliance which is known as OWASP is a tool  that helps big organisations to develop, purchase, maintain web and software which is reliable and also trusted.

The features are

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  1. Validate for security early and often.
  2. It verifies all types of inputs.
  3. It implements identity and Authentication controls.
  4. This implements all appropriate Access controls.
  1. Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner-
8 Data security Testing tools

Acunetix web vulnerability Scanner is a security testing tool. that can find many types of security vulnerabilities or bugs than any other scanners and also displays the fewest number of positives.

The features are

  • It is most advanced cross site scripting testing and in-depth Sql injection.
  • It is a comprehensive scanning of single page applications and JavaScript based websites.
  • It Detects the Blind XSS vulnerabilities.
  • It has Automated detection of DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities.
  1. Zed Attack Proxy(ZAP)-
8 Data security Testing tools

ZAP is multi platform,open source web application security testing tool.It will find the number of vulnerabilities in the web app security testing. The credit goes to intuitive GUI, Zed attack proxy which will be equal ease with newbies as the experts. This security testing tool will support command line access for advanced users. ZAP is written in java language, other than the scanner it can also be used to intercept a proxy for manually testing webpage. This exposes

  • Application error disclosure
  • to cookie not HttpOnly flag
  • To Missing anti-CSRF tokens and security headers.
  • To private IP disclosure
  • XSS injection.
  1. Wfuzz
8 Data security Testing tools

It is developed by the python. Wfuzz is mainly used for brute-forcing web applications. It is an open source security testing tool. It has no GUI interface and is usable only via command line. The vulnerabilities exposed by Wfuzz are

LDAP Injection

SQL Injection

XSS injection

  1. SqlMap

By allowing automating process of detecting and utilising sql injection vulnerability in a website’s database, SQL Map will be entirely free to use. The security testing tool will come with a powerful testing engine, capable of supporting 6 types of SQL injection techniques like 

  • Boolean based blind
  • Error based blind
  • out-of-blind
  • Stacked queries
  • Time based band
  • UNION query

The features are

  • SQL injection vulnerabilities can be found automatically
  • It may be used for security testing a website
  • It also supports a range of database by including MySQL, Oracle and PostGreSQL.
  1. SonarQube

This is one more open source security testing tool which is SonarQube. It is used to exposing vulnerabilities and to measure the source code quality of web application. Apart from being written in java, Sonarqube will be capable to carry out the analysis of over 20 programming languages.It gets easily integrated with continuous integration tools to the likes of Jenkins. The former represent low risk vulnerability and issues,the latter corresponds to many ones.

The features are:

  • It detects tricky issues
  • It has Devops integration
  • It supports quality tracking of both short-lived and long lived code branches.
  • It offers code quality gate.
  1. Nogotofail

It is a network traffic security testing tool from google, Nogotofail will be a lightweight application that will be able to detect TLS/SSL vulnerabilities and also misconfigurations.

The features are:

It is easy to use

It is Lightweight 

It is readily deployable.


  1. What is data security testing tools?
  2. Explain any three data security testing tool?
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