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8 Devops Tools for Continuous Integration:

Continuous integration is a method to build the automation that validates every check-in in a shared repository. The main purpose of this process is to deliver a bug-free code that fit for release. Inside this build the source code of the program which is compiled into a format that the computer can use. Events that trigger the build or it may performs regular checks according to a schedule.

Here a shared repository and built –in continuous integration simplify the process of testing the codes for all errors. The significant facts and benefits of integration process are:

  • It has continuous and rapid feedback to detect any errors instantly
  • Reduces the time taken to review the code.
  • The continuous integration(CI) process removes duplicated code and the possibility of conflicts while merging the principles in the repository.
  • This CI speeds the entire coding and development process with immediate bug detection and correction which helps in quicker software releases.
  • For having robust and reliable tools. CI reduces any backlogs or errors in the development project.

The tools of Devops for CI are:


   Concourse called as continuous open source integration and delivery tool that automatises the application and creates tasks efficiently. It was constructed on the pivotal platform in 2014 and was designed to be versatile and safe.

When we organise jobs and resources to form a pipeline, it automatically detects various resource versions and simultaneously adds new builds the queue. Concourse can quickly scale itself to simple and complex channels.

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Buddy is one of the CI/CD tool used for building testing and developing the software code. Buddy is designed for working on codes which are part of the Bit Bucket and GitHub repositories. Buddy interface proves to be one of the fastest and efficient CI/CD tools with a reduced failure rate after deployment. The features are easy-to-use nature that only requires basic knowledge.

3.Apache Gump:

Apache gump scripted in python. It creates and compiles software code against the latest versions of projects. The gump verifies incompatible modifications to the code in a short period as changes are uploaded onto the version control systems.


Buildbot is also an open source CI tool that automates software integration that build and testing processes. This wrote in python which has in libraries. Buildbot provides the executing of the builds on operating systems like windows, Linux and OSX Buildbot was constituted as a lightweight substitute to Mozilla’s Tinderbox project.


Bamboo is a CI tool developed by atlassian. This bamboo is available in two versions, cloud and server. For the cloud version, Atlassian provides hosting service with the assistance of an Amazon EC2 account. For the server version self-hosting needs to done. Bamboo provides assistance in well known atlassian products JIRA and Bitbucket.


CircleCI is a CI tool which is done on GitHub. It supports several languages including java, python, Ruby/Rails, NodeJs, PHP, skala. It provides services based on containers. CircleCI has container free and any number of projects which can be built on it. It also offers up to five levels of parallelisation. The maximum parallelisation of 16x is achieved in one build.


Draco.Net is windows service application highlights continuous integration for Devops Draco.Net verifies source control repositories like CVS, visual Sourcesafe, PVCS and Subversion.

8.Gitlab CI

Gitlab CI is built on the free hosting service and it gives a Git repository management function with features like access control, bug tracking and code reviewing. Gitlab CI is completely unified with GitLab and it can be easily to be used to link projects using the Gitlab API. Gitlab CI process are coded in the Go language and may run on various operating systems such as windows, Linux, Docker, OSX and also FreeBSD.


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