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8 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Automation Tester


Automation testing is an important activity that is done to ensure software fits its use in the market. Due to the high demand for automation testers, many individuals are launching into the career massively after their automation testing courses

For those practicing and learning, it is important to know the necessary tips that’ll help you become a successful tester with relevance now and in the future. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of these tips that you should take to heart and practice daily. 

Let’s get started.

Get the basics right

Before rising to the post of an expert in any field, there has to be a foundation. As much as you’d like to rise quickly and become an expert, it’s very important to learn the basics of automation testing well. Really, one cannot determine the turn of tech things in the nearest future with any career. Regardless of this, those who know the basics will be able to get a good grasp of new modifications in time. 


Another good tip you need to become a successful tester is incorporating periodic practices. As you’re learning, it’s important to always practice the new concepts in bits before they accumulate. Also, as a practising tester, you need to learn daily. A common excuse for many is that there are no projects to work on. This isn’t tenable because you have tons of resources online to use freely or at an affordable cost. So, get practising right away.

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Learn Programming Languages

If you’re aiming to become a successful automation tester, you need to learn programming languages. This is a necessity especially when you’ll be handling a series of projects using automated testing. 

Alongside this, you need to understand each tool and its requirements to streamline the language lists. With this skill, you’ll be a perfect catch for the top companies we all know out there.

It all takes courage

As an automation tester, you can get easily intimidated by the good ones in the field. Not to worry, it’s the same feeling everywhere, but you can make yours different. Regardless of your position either as a beginner or semi-expert, you need to trust your skills enough to handle the project successfully. It may take some fidgeting at first, but with time, you’ll get better, we tell you. 

Leverage the community and online resources

As you’re being partially courageous, you need to also learn how to leverage the existing protocol.

Draw an effective testing approach

The next step to becoming a successful tester is by drawing a testing approach. To do this perfectly, you need to understand the Automation Testing Life Cycle and follow it doggedly to work on your projects. With the design, you can easily work on the costing of the projects, their tools, and the processes involved.

Work with your team

One of the ways challenges in automation testing will easily overwhelm you is when you work alone. Interestingly, this field doesn’t always allow experts to individually handle a job. So, rephrasing this statement, we’d advise you to develop good teamwork skills. This will always help you relate better and easily produce efficient results collectively. If you’re struggling to get started, enrolling in the best Selenium certification training will help you build your skills.

Work with visual resources

As you’re learning, it’s important to use more visual resources. Many researchers have concluded that visual learning helps retain knowledge. Also, automation testing is done in stages using systems, so, practicing as you’re watching will help you get a good hang better.

Update your knowledge constantly

Our last tip for you is to update your knowledge periodically. As we mentioned earlier, technology isn’t static, there are constant modifications to each tool. So, you need to always update your knowledge, work with the updated tools and learn continuously. 

Additionally, if there are courses that’ll help advance your knowledge, it’s best to get certification for them. This doesn’t only keep you relevant, it also helps you become a perfect fit and top choice for most companies.


Though short, we have extensively discussed eight effective tips that’ll help you become a successful automation tester. Keen attention to these tips will scale you up to the next level in your automation testing career journey. 
But, you need to get on your software testing training right away.

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