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9 things beginner QA tester should know before starting a QA career

There are lots of unknown facts about the quality assurance career path. Knowing this for beginners will help them prepare for the life ahead without facing discouragement along the line. If you’re a beginner qa tester, reading this article will help you find out what the field entails. 

So, get into reading this article right away. 

1. Enroll in a quality assurance course

The first thing you need to know before starting a quality assurance career is to enroll in a QA online course. There are tons of quality assurance courses you can get to learn what the roles and responsibilities are about. Most jobs in quality assurance require a minimum of certification in the course after a related degree to remain a competitive candidate. 

With this as well, you need to learn how to work towards the particular requirements for your dream company. The statistics are available online so research them to get what you need for the job.

2. An internship works in kickstarting your career

As soon as you complete your course, the next thing is getting a job, right? While a job is very important cos of the additional pay, an internship is a basic level you can consider. Although it’s not always paid for, the experience gathered is worth everything. Internships are quite flexible, some months, some years but always find out the requirements before picking anyone. In other words, research the company to list out your top interests in the industry. It helps a lot and it’s one of the things you need to know before starting a quality assurance career. 

3. You need soft skills

In addition to the educational requirements, you need to develop soft skills. These are very important to help you continue and advance in your career. First, you need maximum attention to detail. Quality assurance testing requires lots of detailing during the process, especially for documentation activity. 

Your organizational skills are also very necessary in this regard because they’ll help you create structure and order. Also, it’ll increase the productivity and efficiency of your work. 

Problem-solving skills are quite essential too. Testers are experts trained to search and identify problems and bugs in a software system. The development of your problem-solving skills will help you become the best in your field. 

4. Learn the tools of the trade

It’s important to also learn the tools of quality assurance testing. These include but are not limited to Selenium, Zoho, etc. You need to learn about these tools as you enroll in the quality assurance certification courses. It will help you familiarize yourself and understand the processes of working with these tools better. 

5. Get a mentor

Another tip you need to know before becoming a quality assurance tester is getting a mentor. Your mentor should be an experienced tester that has an advanced understanding of the whole process. Getting a mentor can be from your certification class or attending seminars and workshops. In all, ensure you have someone to guide you. 

6. Try out freelancing jobs

A quality assurance tester can also be a freelancer. So, try out freelancing jobs you can get anywhere on online sites. These will come in handy when trying to get an extra source of income during or after your course. 

7. Quality assurance isn’t for the lazy ones

Unlike the general notion everyone has about the testing process, it’s the other way round when you get into the job. The quality assurance process has lots of stages and responsibilities attached to it. So, be prepared to work and perform your duties accurately. You need to understand programming languages, and how to write test scripts and build them in a server environment. 

8. Understanding your client’s needs is important

Just like any other profession, it’s important to understand the goals of the software before starting. The perfect definition of these goals will help you perform the testing process more effectively as well as get them free from bugs after checking the end use. 

9. Learning never ends

As you get into the quality assurance online course, you need to know that learning never ends. You should keep learning and adding knowledge periodically to maintain your career growth. Enroll for courses in stages as you go, it’ll help you become better and upgrade your knowledge. 


A quality assurance tester is one with many shades. Before getting in, these tips we have discussed are quite important to prepare your mind for the career. Get started today by joining an online QA training.

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