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A Career Guide to Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Quality Assurance is a common term in today’s business world. The main goal of QA is to guarantee that companies and businesses deliver quality products that will meet customer demands. The idea of “Quality Assurance (QA)” in the quality management system is based on developing dependable products to provide a level of assurance that quality requirements will be attained. QA will increase customer satisfaction and help companies achieve massive credibility if it is properly executed in an organization. 

In terms of Software Testing, the process is incorporated to analyze a given software product to detect disparities in the existing state and expected conditions. The software testing process will carefully analyze the functionality of a software product in order to detect bugs and find effective fixes. While the QA process is designed to identify requirements for the development of reliable software products, a software testing process is introduced to ensure best QA practices. This implies that quality assurance and software testing work hand-in-hand. 

When you research quality assurance online, you will get to discover how important quality assurance has become in this digital world. Software products are constantly developed to make every aspect of our lives easy as humans. This ranges from mobile applications to cloud-based platforms for online services. Hence, it is important to ensure that software products are functioning as they should. These software products have to be efficient and free of defects. 

Starting a Professional Career in QA and Software Testing Field 

As an individual, you can start a professional career as a QA Analyst or Software Tester by registering for QA testing training in a business institute or simply enrolling in quality assurance online training. This is a highly lucrative field and here are some topics you will learn. 

Here are some quality assurance related topics;

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  • Fundamentals of Quality Assurance 
  • Basic Principles of Quality Assurance 
  • Basic Quality Assurance Methodologies 
  • Different Stages of Quality Assurance Process 
  • Different Types of Software Quality Assurance 
  • Importance of Maintaining Software Quality 
  • Important Quality Assurance Terminologies 
  • Quality Assurance Testing Requirements 
  • Basic Quality Assurance Approaches and Techniques 
  • The Basic Duties of Software Quality Assurance Analysts 

Here are some software testing-related topics;

  • Fundamentals of Software Testing
  • Fundamentals of Software Engineering 
  • Importance of Software Test Planning 
  • Basic Software Testing Methods
  • Test Case Analysis and Design 
  • Test Execution and Management
  • Test Metrics and Problem-Solving 
  • The Basic Software Testing Tools 
  • Software Testing Process Models 
  • The Principles and Stages of Software Testing 
  • The Basic Software Requirements and Design  

Software Testing will view software products, evaluate their functionality, identify defects, and also identify gaps between existing and expected conditions to ensure that they meet expected standards. You will learn more about these topics when you get a QA testing certification

Importance of Certification Course in QA and Software Testing

Starting a QA testing training and acquiring QA testing certification is highly important if you want to embark on a successful career as a QA professional. So, as an aspiring QA professional, you need to enroll in a QA testing certification course to learn the basics of quality assurance and software testing. Here are major things you will get to learn when you start QA testing training;

  • You will gain exposure to designing test cases and product life cycle process
  • You will get to understand product requirement gathering and QA process delivery
  • You will get in-depth knowledge of trending Software Testing Methodologies 
  • You will get introduced to manual quality assurance testing tools 

Importance of Quality Assurance Certification Course 

You can become a certified quality assurance analyst by enrolling in quality assurance online certification. This program will introduce you to several courses that will improve your knowledge of quality assurance practice. Make sure you get QA testing training to get started. 

Here are some of the advantages of quality assurance;

  • Quality assurance will ensure products are produced to the best possible standards 
  • Quality assurance will help in evaluating software products quality 
  • Quality assurance will ensure that the goal and vision of a business is achieved
  • Quality assurance will ensure that customer demands are met and satisfied 
  • Quality assurance will ensure that customers and clients are happy to patronize

Getting quality assurance online certification will help you audit software quality based on different views, in order to deliver a great result. You will also get to improve your quality assurance capabilities as a QA professional through in-depth knowledge of AQ best practices. 

Importance of Software Testing Certification Course 

It is important to get certified as a professional software tester because you will learn about software testing and acquire the required skills and tools needed to test software functionality to ensure they are in good shape before delivering the final product to end-users. 

Here are some of the advantages of software testing;

  • Software testing will detect and remove bugs and defects in software products 
  • Software testing will guarantee the delivery of high-quality software products 
  • Software testing will prevent continuous fixing that results from faulty software 
  • Software testing will help organizations build highly rated brand image 
  • Software testing will help provide a flawless user experience that will boost sales 
  • Software testing will help improve business optimization for customer retention 
  • Software testing will help save money through cost-effective products development 
  • Software testing will increase return on investment through quality software products 

Finally, the Software testing course will also give you access to software testing tools like; Appium, Selenium, Worksoft, Katalon Studio, Soap UI, TestComplete, and Telerik Test Studios


If quality assurance testing is properly executed in an organization, it will generate results that will lead to quality of products, customer satisfaction, and increased revenue. Your job as a QA professional is to make this happen through the knowledge and skills acquired from QA testing certification. As a professional software tester, you are expected to test the functionality of the software. Whatever career path you decide to follow, you will achieve great success. 

You can become an expert QA professional by getting a series of QA testing certifications. So, make sure you make it a priority to check the list of QA courses you can take to improve your career.  

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