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A Comparison between Selenium and QTP

Software testing has become a basic necessity for all businesses to stay in the competition. The quality of applications and services is the crucial factor which helps to convert the visitors into customers. Hence, the proper platform is essential for executing the testing. In the current market, the neck-to-neck fight is between the two giants in the testing field, namely Selenium and QTP. If you are confused about which platform to select and why here, you will get the answer.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source automation tool to test web applications. When it comes to functional & regression testing, Selenium is the leader in the market. Due to this reason, we see a frequent search with words such as Selenium courses online free. The test scripts in Selenium can be run on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Solaris, and Mac OS. It supports parallel testing and several popular programming languages, including Python, C#, Java, etc. It can be integrated with JUnit and TestNG tools to manage test cases and get reports.

What is QTP?

Even though the Selenium training online classes are gaining popularity, the QTP is also giving tough competition. QTP is also a testing tool. It aids the testers to execute automated functional testing smoothly without monitoring the systems in intervals. It is designed to test several software applications and software environments. This is not an open-source platform; hence you need to pay to start enjoying the benefits. It is used to execute the UI based testing; however, you can even automate non UI based test cases. In this tool, the user must possess the knowledge of VBScript to test cases.

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What are the significant differences between these two tools?

In this section, let us compare both tools under several considerations, and it will make clear why experts are recommending to Learn selenium online courses rather than QTP.

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The main reason why people want to learn Selenium and look for the best Selenium automation courses online is because of the licensing. For using any version of Selenium, you no need to pay a single penny. But on the other hand, to enjoy the benefits of OTP, you need to buy a license, which costs too high. From this perspective, QTP is not suitable for all companies.

Programming Language

The biggest drawback of QTP is that it won’t support any programming language except VBScript. Microsoft develops it, and only with this language QTP works, that means even if you know other programming languages, it won’t help you. But the Selenium test codes can be written in any programming languages as per the developer’s preference. It supports user-friendly and easy languages such as Python, Java, C#, Scala, etc.


Both of the tools are flexible in their own ways. Selenium is highly flexible since it allows the developers to code in any platform and execute the test cases on numerous web browsers and operating systems. But it cannot give the luxury of testing mobile and desktop applications. On the other hand, QTP allows the testing of mobile and desktop applications with web applications. But the support is available mainly for Windows OS.


QTP platform supports varieties of environments such as Oracle, SAP, and others, but it does not allow the developers to work with additional plugin software. But in the Selenium, you don’t need to go with this limitation. Selenium allows the testers and developers to use different plugins with its other features.

IDE Basis

The test cases of QTP only work on the environment developed by QTP, and it fails to work on other IDEs except this. But Selenium works differently. The Selenium tool testers can integrate and run the test cases on multiple IDEs such as .Net, Eclipse, NetBeans, and others. Due to this reason, numerous developers opt for Selenium rather than QTP. It also paved the way for the increased number of Online selenium training with certification courses from many institutes.

Repository The selenium tool doesn’t come with any respiratory systems since it utilizes the web elements in the user interface for executing the testing of applications. But QTP comes with an inbuilt object repository. It is a common location for storing all objects. It is also a collection of all the available objects & their properties; with this, QTP can recognize and act on it.

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