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H2K Infosys is offering Selenium WebDriver online training and the best part is that, it is online Course. You can learn WebDriver in the comfort of your home and at your own time.

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About Course

    • Our extensive 40+ hours of Selenium Online Training cover both basic and advanced topics to help you become an expert Selenium Test Automation Engineer.
    • By joining our Selenium online training, you will be proficient in WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Remote Control, and Grid.
    • You will also be learning Build Tools (Maven), Continuous Integration Tools (Jenkins), and Repository Tools (GitHub) which also help in learning the DevOps.
    • Latest frameworks like Page-Pattern and Cucumber frameworks.
    • We provide you with assignments, training material, selenium tutorials and recorded videos for a complete learning experience.
    • Our Instructors are working professionals who give you real world knowledge and examples, and are the best in their field.
    • Selenium Online Training is for Students/Non-IT beginners who wish to start a career in IT industry as a Selenium Automation Engineer.
    • Programmers who have the added responsibility of running tests.
    • If you are switching career from Manual Testing to Automation Testing.
    • Quality Analyst who need formal training to be proficient and stand out from the competition.
    • You do not have a Computer Science degree and you wish to start a successful career in IT.
    • You want to increase your Income Potential. The Average salary for a Selenium Automation Engineer is $58K to $111K. The National Average in the United States is around $81K per year.
  • The Test Automation Engineer designs, builds, tests, and deploys effective test automation solutions. The Selenium Test Automation Engineer generates test cases using Selenium, enhances the test cases, debugs test cases and does defect tracking and reporting.

    • Our Selenium Courses is designed to make you proficient in Selenium.
    • We provide Instructor-led live online class.
    • In Selenium WebDriver online course, you will learn what is Automation Testing and the need for Automation Testing.
    • You will be introduced to the four components of Selenium (IDE, RC, Grid, and WebDriver).
    • Our experienced Faculties will teach you about elements, identifying elements using name, firebug, IE developer tools, XPath, CSS, etc.
    • You will learn about Selenium IDE concepts, commands, writing test cases in WebDriver, work on Eclipse, Java Programming Language, how to write code in WebDriver, Junit methods and Automation characteristics.
    • You will have an overview of build tools (Maven), Continuous integration tools (Jenkins) repository tools (GitHub) and framework concepts.
    • Our Technical Team will help you in installing tools like Eclipse, IDE, Firebug, Jenkins, GitHub, Maven etc.
    • These tools also help in learning DevOps.
    • The students can select a web application, prepare scenarios, and develop page-pattern (hybrid) framework.
    • We also offer Ruby cucumber – framework.
    • Cloud Test Lab to practice on software tools to gain hands-on experience.
    • Students get lifetime access to the Selenium course, Training Material, and Recorded Videos.
    • We provide guidance on Interview and Resume Preparation.
    • Unlimited mock interview sessions to gain confidence.
    • Convenient Class timings on weekday evenings and weekends.
    • Our Demo Sessions are absolutely free so you can decide before enrolling in our training.

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Course Syllabus

    • What is Software QA Testing?
    • What is automation testing?
    • Automation Testing Tools
      • Paid Tools
      • Open-Source Tools
    • What is Selenium
    • Components of Selenium
      • Selenium IDE
      • Selenium-RC/Selenium1.0
      • Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 2.0/3.0
      • Selenium-Grid
    • Advantages of Selenium
    • Disadvantages
    •  What is the difference between Selenium and UFT/QTP

    Description: Introduction to Automation and Selenium

  • How to identify elements in webpage using Selenium

    • How to execute a Manual Test Case
    • Html Tag, Attributes, Attribute values
    • Tools to identify elements/objects
    • Firebug
    • Firepath
    • IE Developer tools
    • Google Chrome Developer tools
    • finding  elements by ID
    • Finding elements by name
    • Finding elements by link text
    • Finding elements by XPath
    • Finding Elements by using CSS
    • Summary

    Description: Object Recognition Mechanism.

    • Installing Selenium IDE
    • Main Features of  Selenium IDE
    • Recording your first test with Selenium IDE
    • Selenium IDE Commands
      • Asserting the elements
      • Verifying the elements 
      • WaitFor elements
      • Storing the elements 
    • IDE Context Menu

    Description: Selenium IDE and commands

    • Setting Up Eclipse
    • Downloading and configuring Selenium webdriver in eclipse
    • Converting Selenium IDE tests to a programming language(JAVA)

    Description: Selenium WebDriver installation and intro.

    • Introduction
    • Data Types
    • Java variables
    • Declaration, Assignment, Initialization
    • Java Modifier
    • Comments in Java
    • Java Basic Syntax
      • Classes
      • Class Variables
      •  Methods

    Description: Java Introduction.

    • Packages
    • Objects
    • Instance
    • Instance Variable
    • Customized/user defined Data Type
    • 2 Ways of Creating Instance
    • System.out.println
    • Main Method
    • Context of ‘Object’ => 3 ways

    3 Different SITUATIONS of creating Instance

    1. Creating Instance within the same class

    2.  Creating Instance of one class in another class within the same package

    3.  Creating Instance for the Other class in the Other package

    Use of Import Statement

    • Basics => 

    a. File name & Class name

    b. Semi-colon

    c. Case Sensitive

    Description: Java

  • Assignment ==> Calculator

    • Passing values/Arguments/Input parameters to the Methods (Inputs to a method)
    • Returning a Value from a Method (Output from a method)
    • Void, returning Customized variables
    • Method Overloading
    • Constructors
    • Loops => If; Switch, Do While; While; For

    Description: Java.

    • Method Overriding
    • Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
    •  Arrays

    Description: Java.

    • Logical Operators
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Conditional Operators
    • String Operations => Length, Concatenate, Contains, Equals, equalsIgnoreCase, trim, substring, replace
    • Type Casting
    • Executing Java class in 2 ways
      • Main method

             @Test Annotations

    Description: JAVA.

    • Junit Annotations
    • TestNG Annotations
    • TestNG Features like Priority, HTML results
    • Junit Vs TestNG
    • TestNG Eclipse plugIn

    Description:  Unit Testing Frameworks.

    • Thread.Sleep
    • Exceptions
    • Types of Exceptions
    • Debugging Scripts in Eclipse
    •  Watch - Expression

    Description: JAVA.

    • Interfaces
    • WebDriver Interface
    • Drivers for Firefox, Google Chrome,  IE and 

              HTML Unit driver

              Difference b/n SWD & SRC

    Description: Java and Intro to SWD.

    • First Selenium WebDriver Code

              a. Record, Export From Selenium IDE and then Understand with Java learnt so far

              b. Write same logic without recording.

    • Writing WebDriver Code for different elements:


    • Text box


    • Link
    • Button
    • Checkbox
    • Radio Button
    • Images


    • Drop Down Box/List Box
    • multi Select list box

    Description: Handling Regular UI Objects.

  • Verification:

    • Tables


    •               Navigate
    •               getPageSource
    •               getPagetitle
    •               getCurrentURL
    •               quit
    •               maximize

    Running Selenium script in Different Browsers with Eclipse and JUNIT.


    Description: In detailed - XPATH

  • Group of UI Objects

    a) Display all values

    b) Write all values into Notepad.

    c) ByTagName

    • Actions Class: (to perform mouse related)
    • Capture screenshot
    • Handling On load alerts/popup
    • Handling Multiple Browsers
      • a. 1 Child browser
      • b. More than 1 Child browser
    • Handling Frames

    Description: Special cases

    • Parameterization - Reading Data Excel


    Description: Any automation tool, automation framework should have the provision of parameterization and synchronization concepts. How these are achievable in Selenium will be discussed in this session.

    • Verifications 

              Junit / TestNG Assertions

    • Synchronization
    • Build Tools - Maven

    Description: Apart from Selenium, we are expected use other tools in our work. So, we will be discussing these tools.

    • Repository Tools - Github

    Description: Apart from Selenium, we are expected use other tools in our work. So, we will be discussing these tools

    • Continuous Integration Tools – Jenkins

    Description: Apart from Selenium, we are expected use other tools in our work. So, we will be discussing these tools.

    • Selenium Grid

    Description: Important Selenium component where we will execute the multiple scripts on multiple machines.

  • Page Pattern Framework

    • What is frame work?
    • Different Artifacts
    • Types of Framework
    • Developing Page-pattern framework
  • Automation testing framework using Cucumber

    Cucumber Framework 

    1. Introduction
    2. Keyword in Gherkin
    3. Procedure
    4. Creating Feature file
    5. Developing the glue code
    6. Parameterization
    7. Reports           




I took the training from couple of instructors and was never satisfied, though I feel like understanding the class but coming to practical it was hard for me. Then I started classes with Deepinder and trust me he is the best as far i had seen. Especially the assignments he give as work-to-do and will explain the solutions in next class, this makes you to be perfect with selenium. So if you are looking for Selenium trainee, Deepinder is the best option. Read more

Outstanding training provided by Mr. Sudheer for the Selenium Course.Extremely happy with the way the training course is progressing. He explains each and every concept very well by giving lot of examples. He is very clear in his communication.Never felt Selenium was so easy, Very thankful to Mr. Sudheer for making it simple and understandable. Would definetly recommend this training for those who is aspiring for job opportunities in Selenium Read more

I took the Selenium class with Mr.Sudheer . He has brilliant knowledge and command over Selenium and Java. He made the course so easy to understand that anyone with very basic to no programming language experience can learn it easily. Read more

Sudheer is very good instructor for Selenium course. I really liked him. He is very organized and very knowledgeable. Read more

“I enrolled for selenium course . I was really satisfied with the training on Selenium Webdriver, Sudheer sir did an amazing job. he has an excellent teaching skills and techniques. The course contents and timing were very good.” Read more

I attended Sudheer’s Selenium class (multiple times Read more

I attended Sudheer's training classes on Selenium, his way of explaining was very good and easy to understand. He was very helpful in fixing anyone's issue facing on the system. I think anyone could easily learn Selenium by attending his classes. It was a great experience and convenience for me learning it online. I recommend anyone considering joining online course for selenium. Read more

Sudheer is a great instructor. He is very knowledgeable and explains every concept in great detail and with patience. He clarifies every doubt and spends time until it gets resolved. I would recommend Sudheer for Selenium classes and real time selenium project work. Thank you very much for your time and dedication. Read more

I am taking selenium classes from Sudheer, he is a very good teacher. He teaches with lot of patience. He gives notes each day to remember the concepts. At the end of the class he clears all the doubts what we have Read more

Taking this course has not only increased my confidence in selenium, but I sincerely gained an interest to better understand and challenge myself. Thanks to Sudheer, I was able to understand the content well and apply them through the provided material. To my experience this course was well worth my time and definitely encourage others interested in Selenium to give it a try. Read more

I am glad that I joined a project with Sudheer for Selenium using Java. He is very knowledgeable and patient. His work experience in the field and command on selenium is unmatched. He genuinely tries to teach us everything he can so we have a real world experience. He is a great teacher. Thanks for guiding us Read more

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