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About Defect Triage and JIRA | Why do we need to have Review Meetings?

Why do we need to have Review Meetings?

Review meetings help to track and monitor status of the project work assigned to individual team members. Below are the advantages.

  1. Insight into project work item status assigned to individual team members
  2. To measure team occupancy / billability
  3. To find and analyze risks at early stage
  4. Entire team will know who are working on what

What does it mean by Defect Triage?

Defect triage is a meeting where PMO team will go through bug backlog to define priority of each bug and assign them to a specific sprint/release. So that engineering team can pick up them as part of release execution activity.

What do you know about JIRA?

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JIRA is a bug tracking tool. It also has functions to do issue tracking and project management. Tracks the bugs and issues related to mobile apps too.

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