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Automic Tool

Automic automation 

Organizations will automate a very difficult and also a landscape of applications, platforms and technologies in diverse ways to deliver more services in this digital business environment. The Service orchestration  are more needed to scale our IT operations and to derive greater value of automation like:

  • We have to control very difficult workflows across platforms, ERP systems, business apps from the mainframe to micro services and multi-cloud.
  • We have streamline our big data pipelines, enabling self-service for data scientists then providing massive scale and strong governance on data flows.
  • We are required to deliver compute, network and storage resources in the cloud for development and business users.

Key features are:

  • Infrastructure management – It simplifies the efforts of developers and operations to create,deploy and run applications.
  • Automation as-code – It enhances shift-left initiatives by enabling developers directly code automation artifacts that can be easily promoted across the various environments.
  • version  and life cycle management- It will manage different versions, integrate with external source code versioning platforms, it is to promote automation policies across dev/test/ prod environments.
  • Zero downtime upgrades- zero downtime upgrades that specifically confirms the need for maintenance window  and no downtime when installing new versions.
  • Kubernetes– Here Kubernetes deployment facility leverages our existing investments in the cloud and deploy and manage automic automation in kubernetes clusters.

Automic tool:

With digital business automation with automic @ automation, we will manage very difficult workloads across the platforms, ERP systems, business apps from the mainframe to micro services and the cloud.

Automic Tool

UC4 Automic:

It is a strong application job scheduling tool that satisfies the needs of operators,programmers and system administrators throughout the application life cycle. UC4 will permit operators that submit jobs on a random basis. UC4 has the tools to set up the sophisticated job scheduling by not writing any scripts.

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Its application functionality is:

  • This UC4 job scheduling service will focus on the enterprise to schedule and monitor the computer batch jobs.This scheduler will be  capable  to initiate and control jobs automatically by the processing and by giving job control scripts.
  • This application will utilize the UC4 scheduling service that enables AIS to control jobs across all managed applications so they will be executed at the run time.

Atomic will provide a suite of business automation products that will provide the pre-built, easily changeable integrations with the numerous applications for both new and old. It is a specific strength with its ability to combine traditional core processes that will be running across Oracle, SAP R/3 or may be traditional, legacy applications.

Atomic orchestrates the interactions with any resulting services, by giving automation services for both business processes as well IT operations processes.

Atomic will specially help us for useful companies that will be executed on orchestrated workflows all over the divisions. Here a new feature of automic that is automating the upgrades of legacy applications without the need for maintenance window. This automation is an essential portion for efficient management of all the complex operational environments. Here the home furniture and also rooms to go will use the atomic conjunction with the splunk’s log management tool that will automate to fix the problems in any production environment.

Devops development will arise out of the software development world and to this day most of the devops tool vendors will activate primarily on the needs of the developers. Automic, in contrast, will always observe the needs of operations personnel.

The important benefits of Automic tool are:

Increase the  visibility of any enterprise data pipe flows

The automic workload automation for Hadoop will provide the IT industry with an ability to provide scheduling the services to their Big data teams that will be integrated into the critical operations functions so that they can be monitored and also tracked.


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